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SWG Galactic Civil War and Player City Statistics - 3rd of March 2011

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SWG Galactic Civil War and Player City Statistics - 3rd of March 2011

SWG Galactic Civil War and Player City Statistics - 3rd of March 2011
Among SWG communities, there are regular heated discussions occurring every day regarding combat profession balance, GCW participation levels and server populations.
To aid these discussions, Stratics have put together some graphs and charts using stats available from the Galactic Civil War: Officer's Salute! which shows statistics of all characters in SWG that are ranked higher than Lieutenant rank in the Galactic Civil War. This small sub-section of the SWG player base tends to be PvP oriented players, although Pilots and PvE players are also able to appear on these statistics.
We also take statistics from the official Star Wars Galaxies - Player Cities page. With these stats we are able to calculate the Minimum number of characters declaring residence in servers cities to support current city rankings. This is put together based on Rank 2 cities requiring 10 characters declaring residence, Rank 3 = 15, Rank 4 = 30 and Rank 5 = 40. We then add up the total and create a chart on these numbers.
You will also find information on weekly PvP kills per server, this is thanks to the Star Wars Galaxies: GCW Points Calculator website which tracks these numbers.
We'd like to stress that as these statistics are drawn from the limited information that SoE makes public about the game, they can only be used to identify specific trends. They do not give any accurate data on subscriber numbers or subscriber retention.