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Sunder Military Gaming - Guildwars2 YaksBend US-NE & EU



Sunder is an adult military and civilian friendly community that devotes itself to a community based on our motto “Honor, Loyalty, Friendship.” Sunder is more than just people that play the same games. We are dedicated not only to providing our members with the quality experience they seek, but also to provide a strong community to develop lasting friendships.
We are currently recruiting all classes. We are a group that is focused on both PvE and World PvP as well as dungeon content. We will be playing on a North American server at launch. While we play North America East Coast Servers, we do have a European gaming population. Our recruitment process requires a short application. This is meant as a way for us to get to know you and allow you to get to know us a bit. We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us, without wasting your time. The application is located on our website at http://sunderhq.com/forums
  • The Community Experience:
    We believe that all our members can build lasting friends in our community that last a lifetime.
  • The Military Experience:
    We believe everyone can enjoy military techniques we embrace in appropriate (but not all) games without feeling this is a job.
  • The Gaming Experience:
    We believe our guild members can enjoy playing games with us in their own style and how they want to.
Who is Sunder Military Gaming?

Sunder is a militaristic organization. What this means is that our structure, planning, and chain of command are based on military standards. We use real life tactics where possible and adapt tactics to the games that we play that work. Sunder is more than a guild, Sunder is a community based gaming organization that has built a home for it's members. Our core values are Honor, Loyalty and Friendship and we live our values in everything we do in the community inside and out of the game.

We pride ourselves above all else creating long standing friendships through many games and years, never to have to rebuild your friendships or find a new home we want Sunder is the last guild you will ever join. As such we operate on the theory that Sunder is not for every one and not every one is for Sunder, this means that although we may be what you are looking for or that you may seem to fit in, there are times that we must safe guard our members or look in your best interests to be a part of us or to help you find a better home to suit you.

What Sunder Military Gaming Offers
  • Active support – crafting, pve and pvp are all areas that Sunder strives for organized play to support our players
  • A mature, calm & organized gaming group who utilize militaristic structure & teamwork - without the drill instructor mentality
  • Respect to those in our outfit and those in the community
  • Strong communication – we utilize the best available technology to provide our members with the means necessary to communicate in and out of game
  • The leadership of Sunder is here to support you and help you achieve new heights in game, as well as provide structured and organized gameplay with strategic PvP and PvE planning and gaming
What sunder expects from its members?
  • We expect every member to play to their own convenience - no being removed for not being active every day
  • Teamspeak3 is a requirement that we do not negotiate on, no teamspeak - no invite, this means if you do not want to be in teamspeak one day that's fine but you will not be invited to an operational channel/event
  • Respect of all members within Sunder not just our Guildwars 2 outfit, this also means knowing when to let loose and when to hold the tongue.
What are the requirements to join sunder?

  • Adults 18+
  • Have microphone and able to use Teamspeak 3
  • Have a passion for Guildwars2 and a willingness to work as a team
How do i apply to Sunder?

  • Contact either Tabarkus, Xtremez or Chief in game or wait for our quick response inviting you to teamspeak for a formal interview, suit not required, good humor is a must.
Finally Sunder is more than a guild or a clan, we are a community. We value participation in the community above all else, and we provide many tools and assets to our members to give them that opportunity to participate and with this we welcome your application and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family!
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