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[Auction] Summer Rares Sale


Stratics Veteran
Auction Ends: August 26, 9 PM EST
10 minute rule applies
Pickup on Atlantic

Seller reserves the right to remove items from the auction

Bid Increments:
Bid < 100m = 5m+
Bid >= 100m = 10m+

ICQ # 7050867

01. (Reserve: 200m) Rubble - Blood Pool Set - 8 of 8 - ( ( SOLD! ) )
02. (Reserve: 187m) Candelabra Flamed With The Flesh Of The Diseased
03. (Reserve: 187m) Cursed Candles From A Demonic Ritual-((SOLD!))
04. (Reserve: 187m) The Mystical Candelabra Of Forgotten Souls That Contains The Curse Of A Nameless Demon
05. (Reserve: 450m) Piece Of Soul
06. (Reserve: 262m) Ancient Sarcophagus Containing The Vile Shade Essence Of Rodrick The Chaos Knight
07. (Reserve: 112m) Exhausted Mojo Sacrificial Altar
08. (Reserve: 300m) Bloody Table
09. (Reserve: 300m) Bloody Table
10. (Reserve: 262m) The Wave Of The Nightmarish Dreams /
BID Brokis 262 Mil
11. (Reserve: 262m) Felucca's Madness: Embrace The Fear
12. (Reserve: 375m) A Paradoxical Statue Giving A Reverent Form To The Formless Lady Called Oblivion And Void
13. (Reserve: 487m) An Infernalized Statue Bearing The Toil And Dilapidation Of Generations In Felucca
14. (Reserve: 187m) A Vase Filled With Screaming Voices And Blood Of Dead Heroes In Felucca: Fear The Mad King
15. (Reserve: 225m) The Heedless Knight Who Fell Into A Pool Of Melted Gold/
BID Brokis 225 Mil
16. (Reserve: 400m) A Gemmed Chalice Containing The Dark Blood Of Mericles The Vampire Lord - Halloween 2015 - ( ( SOLD! ) )
17. (Reserve: 187m) A Golden Death Mask Of Hanzo The Spymaster
18. (Reserve: 200m) An Astral Sunburst Caused By A Celestial Phenomenon - ( ( SOLD! ) )
19. (Reserve: 125m) Shackles From King Blackthorn's Dungeon - ( ( SOLD! ) )

20. (Reserve: 150m) Magic Mirror-((SOLD!))
21. (Reserve: 112m) A Visitor From Another World, Observing Britannia For The Past 20 Years- ( ( SOLD! ) )
22. (Reserve: 150m) A Daemon Scale -
23. (Reserve: 150m) Exodus Teknology Rune
24. (Reserve: 375m) Your Soul!
25. (Reserve: 112m) Eden, The Sleepy Hellhound Puppy
26. (Reserve: 93m) Devil's Crystal

27. (Reserve: 93m) The Wisp That Whispers Evil -((SOLD!))
28. (Reserve: 93m) A Shattered Draconic Residue Fragment Used To Fabricate The Life Essence Of A Dragonlord
29. (Reserve: 150m) Armageddon's Flame - Awaiting The Return Of The Zog
30. (Reserve: 375m) The Cursed And Burnt Vows Between The Mad King And The Witch Rowena
31. (Reserve: 375m) A Ghoulish Rallying Banner, Used To Control The Undead Of Oceania
32. (Reserve: 450m) Bloody Picture Of Diva
33. (Reserve: 187m) Banner Of The Kingdom Of Pike
34. (Reserve: 187m) The Standard Of Bordermarch
35. (Reserve: 187m) An Eerie Haunted Life Like Image Of Tuan The Insane
36. (Reserve: 150m) A Powerful Beacon Used By The VonDont Family To Generate Evil
37. (Reserve: 487m) A Dark Evil Crystal Covered In Blood Of The Fallen Royal Guard
38. (Reserve: 562m) An Obsidian Obelisk Carved With Ancient Runes - The Aura Of Death Emanates From Within
39. (Reserve: 375m) Drinks To Celebrate The Opening Of The Museum Of Mystery
40. (Reserve: 337m) Zombie Dross Halloween Mask
41. (Reserve: 337m) The Ashen Bow Of A Fallen Ranger, Stains Of Blood Conceal Its Intricate Design And Craftsmanship
42. (Reserve: 1500m) Haunted House Broken Window-((SOLD!))
43. (Reserve: 450m) Enormous Totem Dedicated To The Daemon Of War
44. (Reserve: 525m) Light Of The Crossroads

45. (Reserve: 300m) Throne Of Darkness
46. (Reserve: 225m) The Spirit Tree-((SOLD!))
47. (Reserve: 131m) Withered And Gnarled Sapling That Seems To Teem With Some Sort Of Dark Energy
48. (Reserve: 200m) A Blood Soaked Deadwood Tree Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai - ( ( SOLD! ) )
49. (Reserve: 150m) Root Of All Evil-((SOLD!))

50. (Reserve: 243m) A Very Old And Well-Used Guillotine
51. (Reserve: 225m) The Cursed Tree-((SOLD!))
52. (Reserve: 112m) Beautiful Wilted Flowers From The Graves Of The Unforgotten Dead
53. (Reserve: 112m) Head Mount Of A Dire Bear Known As Adrelstaer The Bloody
54. (Reserve: 112m) A Human Trophy
55. (Reserve: 112m) Mounted Bust Of The Putrid Daemon Wexvvedicl The White
56. (Reserve: 300m) Amelia's Resting Place. You Hear A Faint Scratching From Within.
57. (Reserve: 375m) A Corpse Of A Man Killed By His Purity
58. (Reserve: 37m) Death Maze Survivor 2010 /
BID Jonas 37 Mil
59. (Reserve: 168m) A Jug Full Of Bones-((SOLD!))
60. (Reserve: 225m) Orcish Voodoo Doll
61. (Reserve: 300m) The Rotting, Lifeless, Remains Of Vaeg The Sorcerer
62. (Reserve: 187m) A Haunted Oven Recovered From Ant Cave-((SOLD!))
63. (Reserve: 112m) The Source Of The Evil Mage's Power
64. (Reserve: 300m) A Cracked Crystal, With Evil Energies Flickering Within Its Core
65. (Reserve: 112m) You Find A Note Written In BLOOD, A Horizontal Line Running On The Top: Devil's Bond
66. (Reserve: 112m) Missing Piece Of Blood Drenched Map
67. (Reserve: 112m) Part Of A Map Drenched In Blood
68. (Reserve: 75m) Vas In Corp Del Grav - Greater Glacial Field Scroll Conjured By Lieutenant Baelgard /
BID Yegger 75Mil
69. (Reserve: 112m) Medicine Mask Of The Rattus Erectus- ((SOLD!))
70. (Reserve: 112m) Blooded Death Mask Of Hunderprest The Vampyre
71. (Reserve: 112m) Pity Is For The Living, Envy Is For The Dead
72. (Reserve: 37m) Helm Of The Damned Replica /
BID Jonas 37 Mil
73. (Reserve: 56m) Skull Mask
74. (Reserve: 112m) Orc Mask Made Of Victims Skin, Murder Evidence [Replica]

75. (Reserve: 112m) A Luxury And Magical Lantern Holding The Residual Reason Of The Mad King- ( ( SOLD! ) )
76. (Reserve: 187m) A Light To Keep The Shadows At Bay
77. (Reserve: 150m) A Drunken Ghoul Spirit-((SOLD!))
78. (Reserve: 150m) A Container Of Dark Energy From Umbra University - ( ( SOLD! ) )

79. (Reserve: 225m) Death Knight Tourney Entry Token
80. (Reserve: 187m) A Blood Soaked Codex Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai /
BID JoPro 187 mil
81. (Reserve: 225m) A Weathered Black Book Containing Hit Lists That Belonged To An Assassin Of The Hand Of Death -((SOLD!))
82. (Reserve: 18m) Sandals (blessed)
83. (Reserve: 18m) Tunic (blessed) /
BID Jonas 18 Mill
84. (Reserve: 300m) Acolyte Of Ocrmfg Ocig
85. (Reserve: 18m) A Robe Sewn By Coll/ BID Jonas 18 Mil

86. (Reserve: 112m) A Blood Stained Cloak Obtained At Willow's Anniversary Party
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Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Why most of them are Sold ? Is there a buyout ? I will pay more for the Sold items ...


Stratics Veteran
I reserve the right to remove items before bids go up on them.
If I receive an offer that is acceptable.

Thank you for the question.