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Suggestions for PS2 followers,



First of all I would like to thank Syrus for taking on board the request for PS2 boards here, Having followed Stratics and its news/write ups throughout time it is a pleasure to finally link our gaming community through it!

now from an ex PS gamer and PS2 player awaiting beta there are some places one will want to go for keys, firstly Planetside on twitter is the main focus and place to get a key and depending on when you tweet them will denote how likely one is to get a key!

so the people to follow? Matthew Higby often runs live streams of PS2, great fun to watch and a real tribute to SOE and the name that is Planetside2.. and of course New Conglomerate!

Secondly the man himself.. Mr Smedly, AKA Mr SOE, some say more powerful than Nick Fury himself!

Matthew Higby@mhigby

John Smedley@j_smedley

PlanetSide 2@planetside2

other places such as PS2 on facebook however realistically this will not offer much other than the occasion to know about some interesting competitions for unique PS2 loot, IE dogtags and swag

other than this I hope the community here check PS2 out as it will be a Free to play system and one which has an outstanding build to it, time to crack out those joysticks, epic gaming systems and head tracking additions, see you all on the field!


Sunder PR executive