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Suggestion : Skill bars


Stratics Veteran
Currently you can assign one skill type to each of the two actionbars, and each bar is dedicated to one of the skills with no ability to mix and match. This, in my opinion, makes it a pain to set up my hotkeys and skillbar the way I want.

My suggestion is to make players able to select 2 skill branches, and be able to put the hotkeys on the 2 actionbars freely. Meaning if I am a Staff/Druid player, I can have both staff skills and druid skills on the same bar. You can keep the "6 of each class" rule intact, just unlock the hotkeys themselves is all.

What would be the drawbacks to this? I personally cannot see any, I understand why you want players to have 6 skills of each type on the bars but I don't see why the placement of the hotkeys themselves should be so highly controlled, as that aspect is more for player preference and doesn't impact balance whatsoever.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. constructive criticism and other ideas welcome, but please keep the post size down. Any flaming or general asshattery will be reported.


Stratics Veteran
The skill bar system is closely tied to the equipped gear. I would guess that with the current implementation, it is easier to associate a required equipped item to the entire action bar (container). Allowing mix/match across 2 (or more) skill bars would require linking the equipment with each individual skill. Changing gear would need to propagate the change to multiple individual skills instead on 1 skill bar. Speed of operation isn't the problem here, but making multiple assignments can lead to other programming issues.