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Suggestion : crafting change

Nimor nim

Stratics Veteran
its not a new idea and i think i sow it in some games in the past.
crafting an item will be based on a mini game,
when one wants to craft an item he will have to put the needed items + chose a basic buff that he want for the equipment from the green list, after that he will play a mini game, the score of the mini game will be how good he created the equipment , this will make crafting a skill and not grind grind grind your items till you hit yellow.
basic score of the game will get you an item with the basic buffs and level you asked for, higher scores will get you more buff + stronger buffs, every crafting skill will have a different mini game, so someone that is very skilled at one game is likely less skilled in anther game.

my opinion:
pros: this will make crafting an armor a long time thing not just: "just let me click, here done" thing .
if your skilled at you craft you can create the items you want and not grind items until you get it,
almost no one will be high level in all craft skills.
items looted and items crafted will have a good balance ( creating a very high level item will be like soloing the green dungeon on a bad day)
not every one like mini games


Stratics Veteran
I would support this to a point. Maybe give the option of either or? Meaning that I could either just do the "click, done" way and get a basic item with less chance to get "better" stats or I can do the "advanced" crafting with the game where the score affects the quality of the item.

The reason I say this is I have played other games where a mini-game was part of the crafting process (Age of Wushu) and it was a lot of fun, for awhile. Over time it just got to be tedious and I was annoyed with the game to the point that I just stopped doing it. I think an option would be a good idea, allowing for either a better rate of getting a more powerful item or allowing the player to literally design an items stats to what they want based on whether they do the game or not would be a great compromise.

However I would say the game needs to resemble the process your doing. Like if I were blacksmithing I would like to see something like having to hit metal in a certain order, kinda like that old arcade game where the heads would pop up and you had to hit them with a mallet to knock them down, if you missed to many your score was low. This would help with immersion, cause I know in the other game that I did this, I basically played candy crush with spools of thread and was like, "What the hell does this have to do with tailoring?" although you were "playing the trainer" in that game.