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Help Stratics Archive of Old Posts/Accounts


Good morning,

How far back does Stratics Forums keep posts? I ask because I have been working hard to recover my original account and am coming up lost. I have given every email address and user name I can think of to UO Support but they cannot locate the account. I can't think of any other email address I would have used back in 1999-2002 so I thought maybe if I could reactive my old Stratics profile, I could see what email address I used then. When I try to reactive that old Stratics account (Dark Fenceman), it says that it does not exist. So how far back does Stratics keep its posts?


Any ideas on how else to find my old account would be welcome. They are asking for email address, user name, and/or cd keys. I've tried the first two and none of them are finding anything and there is no way for me to know what cd keys I used on T2A and UO:Renaissance. It was way too long ago and I didn't keep the boxes that long. I feel like there must be a way for UO Support or Mesanna to look up old character names but that doesn't seem to be the case. I had two characters on one shard that were not very creatively named but I do remember that they were uniquely named. You would think that looking for these two uniquely named characters on the same account and same shard would help them at least locate the account but I guess not. :(

Captn Norrington

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Stratics keeps posts all the way back to 1998, however as a result of various technological issues and crashes throughout the years there are a lot of posts and accounts from the early days missing at random.

@Nexus might be able to help you locate your old account if it still exists.


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I looked into this, and couldn't find it either, apparently this is one of the accounts that was really "Lost" over the years.