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(Player News) Strange Sightings 【Part II】


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Stratics Legend
Something strange is afoot II.

The mystery of goblins in Luna is far from solved. However it seems that they have now also begun to accost the hardworking citizens of Luna for Halloween treats!

Despite the best efforts of the fine folks in Luna tricking these vile creatures instead of just handing over the candy, they seem a persistent lot.

What ever will they do with these treats that were meant for the law-abiding citizens remains a mystery much like their presence within our fine walls.

Now that we are sure that they are here to stay, it seems more information will be needed of their base of operations.

Further investigation is required to unravel this mystery.


奇怪的現象 【Part II】

這些奇怪的小妖精的出現原因還未解迷. 不過現在看來它們已經開始把我們勤勞市民的萬聖節糖果也給坑了!


它們會想把這些從好心市民坑來的糖果做什麼呢? 隨著它們的出現,還是個謎題...