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[Sticky] May For Sale / Vendor Advertisment thread

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by hopfull, May 4, 2004.

  1. hopfull

    hopfull Guest

    This is the FOR SALE thread, this is the only place on the Europa forum you may sell items. However, trading bods is perfectly fine on the main forum. Only use this thread for selling in game items OR Advertise Your Shop.


    Post once and go back and edit as appropriate once you have new items for sale or have none to sell

    Please note that this thread is NOT for price checks or for 'Buying' posts, if you want to buy an item check here first, if no sign then you may post on the Europa forum.

    These rules may change as is needed....

    Copy and fill in the form below, you don't need to fill it all in.

    Accept Private Messages?:
    Time Zone:

    Items for sale:


    For Advertising Vendor Shops, Copy and fill in the form below.

    Name of Shop:
    UOAM or Other Co-Ordinates- (Specify):
    Items Sold: (Brief Description of *Example) *Magic Weapons, Smithy & Tailor BODS, Power Scrolls, Bulk Regs, etc.

    Please do not post images in here, If you have a image of your shop and or location to include, make a link in your post where it can be viewed so that this thread will continue to load quickly
  2. erion

    erion Guest

    sorry duped.
  3. erion

    erion Guest

    15x14 3-Story (cost 480k to build) 30 seconds East of Vesper.

    This is a freshly built and well equipped home with 3 floors plus a roof area (so 4 floors really).

    It cost 118k to build plot and a further 365k to customize into the house seen on the pictures.

    This is literally 30 seconds in an easterly direction from Vesper bridge and since i built this I have never seen any spawn near my house or any other 'player' activity. Take a look at the pics and make up your own mind.

    What you get:
    1> All the 'trade' placeables seen on the pics, these include Forge and Anvil, Loom, Spinning wheel, Training dummy and Flour mill.

    2> All the furniture seen in the pic - except the chests that I want with my goods in them.

    3> 1576 max secure storage, 788 max lockdowns. up to 28 vendor spots.

    4> unobstructed view of the WHOLE building (forest to the right and buildings spaced away from the house)

    5> Hassle-free trade.

    see these links for pictures of the individual levels in the house:





    PLEASE NOTE: This sale includes the BUILDING and not just the plot.
  4. erion

    erion Guest

    sorry i duped. grrrr
  5. geo88

    geo88 Guest

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name of Shop: Laughing Lich Tavern, Dreamstone

    Facet: Felucca

    UOAM Co-ordinates: 24o 41N 46o 41W / X 659/Y 1343
    A map can be found here

    Items Sold: CLARA - potion kegs, reagents, recall scrolls
    LUCY - savage paint, repair deeds, bandages, seeds/petals/thorns, coloured runebooks, arrows/bolts, bows/crossbows, empty bod books
    JULIETTA - paintings, unusual foods, cushions/pillows, doom collectibles, semis and other goodies. Magic jewellry also for sale. I'm having a storage cleanout so there will be some goodies on this vendor.

    New Vendor -

    JAMES - selling leather armour (all hide types) and GM smithed weapons

    Note all vendors are competitively priced and larger orders are welcome.

    More vendor spaces are available, and more merchants will start work this week. PM or ICQ me (23073914) if you're interested in a spot.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

  8. Ehrgeiz

    Ehrgeiz Guest

    coming soon....
  9. Rex Gildo

    Rex Gildo Guest