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Starrfoxx's website is finally up! Woohoo!

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Well, there isn't much to look at yet, but the beginnings of my website, "Starrfoxx's Corner of the Universe" is finally up.

You can get there by going here: http://starrfoxx.xf-s.com/

It's a work in progress, obviously. I dug out my old copy of MS FrontPage 97, so that I can get some quick pages started, and the bottom layers of the website built. As I progress, I'll be going in and modifying the HTML code manually to add better stuff.

On my site, you'll be able to read all of the stories I wrote for Stratics to include:

Starrfoxx's Super Roadtrip Across Alphaville
and, The Newbie's Guide To Calvin's Creek

Both stories will be continued in some form or fashion using the offline version of Sims.

Also here, you will be able to read my Sims Progression story featuring Michael Bachelor, which is still on the original Sims site. Unfortunately, I can't update it, because their site is having problems and is on a long list of priorities to get fixed. I will also have links to stories I have written using Sims 2.

In addition, there will be a special page dedicated to my radio show which is now hosted by www.insaneasylumradio.com, and I'll have a special place for a Sims Online Memorial on my site as well.

Many things are planned, so keep this link bookmarked if you would like to keep tabs on what I"m doing and where I"m going. As my site progresses, I may change web hosting a few times until I find the perfect one. For now, this will work to start with.

Keep in touch! :thumbsup:


Also bookmarked...look forward to seeing the "work in progress". :thumbsup:

Wyld Cherry

Star, wasn't you on Charmed Radio, just wondering & the site looks awsome so far, keep up the good work :p


Yes, I was on Charmed Radio. Actually, the radio stations I've been on in order are:

Blazin' Radio
Charmed Radio
Power Surge Radio

and now, Insane Asylum Radio.

My wife and I have been doing our radio show for over 2 years now, and we're approaching our 3rd.


Further updates have been done to my site. The Stories section is open, and there are links to most of the stories I have written. My Alphaville Roadtrip story is not uploaded yet, but will be soon.

Updates as of August 22, 2008 include:

* TSO Founder Marker from EA-Land available for download from the TSO Memorial Page.
* Chapter 2 of Starrfoxx's Super Road Trip Across Alphaville was added to Stories.


Hey everyone, I wanted to give you an updated link to my website.


The old server that I was on tended to go down more often than I cared for, but I will also be updating my website there as a backup site just in case the above site is down. The old site can be reached at:


Be sure to visit the new URL, because I have all of the EA-Land Territorial Markers converted and available for download for your offline game. The old site hasn't been updated yet.


Hi everyone.

I've been making more updates to my website when and where I can. I have uploaded Chapters 3 and 4 of my Road Trip series that used to be on Stratics, plus I now have a message board started. It'll expand to other topics eventually, but for now I have areas where you can post about the website, the internet radio show, and TSO.

I also have a blog started too which is on my message board.


I've made quite a few updates to my website. Chapters 5-8 of "Starrfoxx's Road Trip Across Alphaville" are now posted on the site. I'm hoping to get Chapter's 9 and 10 posted by the end of the week.

For those of you who never had a chance to read my road trip story, this is a great opportunity to remember some of the fun days, sims, and lots when TSO was still alive. For those who never had a chance to play TSO, then this gives you a fun chance to see what it was kinda like.

I started to expand a little bit on my "radio show" page. There is still some areas on it that need to be worked on, but I now have a "feature page" up with the stuff that my wife Demonslover and I do on our radio show.

I still don't have my "Games" page uploaded yet, but I know what's going to be there. It'll get uploaded, don't worry.

Finally, there have been more updates to the TSO Memorial page. All the wallpapers and floor tiles are converted, I've got some awnings converted, and the skins/clothing I used in TSO converted as well.

The website keeps me busy, but slowly and surely it is growing. :)