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Spreadsheet of Magery and Mysticism Damage at 120 mage/eval/focus/mysticism


I got curious about the damage of the magery and mysticism spells when trying to decide on a template for pvp. Just figured i'd share the spreadsheet I made. Attached is the excel version of it

Spell Damage Testing in PvP With Max SDI for Mage/Mystic Hybrid. All Skills 120
Spell damage tested as average over 5 casts
Testing against all 70's with 0 magic resist
SchoolSpellDamageCast time with 2 FCDmg(or healing) / second of cast timeMana CostDmg (or healing) / point of manaNotes
MageryMagic Arrow5.60.511.2041.40
MageryHarm9.60.7512.8061.60standing in adjacent tile
MageryEnergy Bolt21.81.7512.46201.09
MageryChain Lightning28214.00400.70
MageryMeteor Swarm28214.00400.70
MageryEarthquakeSupposedly deals 1/3 of current hp in damage. See notes 2.2550the formula isn't just 1/3 hp *(1- resistance) not is it a straight up 1/3 without resistances counted., I'm not quite sure what it is but when max hp (110 hp) did 21-28, but as hp got lower damage steadily decreased, until it was hitting for < 10 damage when enemy was down to about 1/5 life left (22 hp). Very weird.
MageryHeal180.536.0044.50healing, not damage obviously
MageryGreater Heal54.61.2543.68114.96healing, not damage obviously
MysticNether Bolt5.40.510.8041.35
MysticEagle Strike11.6111.6091.29
MysticPurge Magic50.756.6780.63full 8 second duration after hitting enemy with no benefical ward. Also raises mana costs for enemy by 50-60% for duration
MysticSpell Plague21 initial / 8 triggered22.00401.13 assuming 3 triggers21 for initial hit of spell plague, 8 for triggering the curse effect it applies
MysticHail Storm28.6214.30500.57
MysticNether Cyclone26.82.2511.91500.54
MysticHealing Stone37instantactivation of healing stone when fully charged, not casting of the spell
MysticCleansing Wind61.81.7535.31203.09plain healing, no poison testing or curse removal