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[Magery] Spellbooks


Howdy! I was wondering about the slayer spellbooks with spell damage increase. If you have a Non slayer spellbook with 50 spell damage increase, and a repond slayer spellbook with 25 spell damage increase, would either spellbook do the same approximate damage to a repond?

Max Blackoak

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
No and the exact ammount of damage depends on what skills you use to do damage.

sdi affects all casting skills equally. slayer bonus only works for magery and mysticism spells.

so if you're a mage and/or mystic it is worth using slayer books because they increase your damage by 100% (super slayer) or 200% (specific slayer). For everything else use as much sdi as possible to boost damage.