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Special Moves...wtf??


UO Software Engineer
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Made a new template and thought I'd prove it out by taking the skills to test center (wanted to make sure I could do the special moves if I had +tactics on my jewels). Everything worked fine 60 real skill+30 on jewels. Finish the suit on prodo shard and I can't use either special move.

Go back to test center to see why and a bare naked toon wielding only a wep and the exact same skills as I have only requires 30 skill for primary and 60 skill for secondary. Now I may be dumb...but who the hell wants a TEST center that doesn't TEST under the same damn parameters as the real game?!

UO Guide gives no insight to NOT being able to use +skill to reach the required skill nor does it state that the required skill can be lowered.... @Mesanna @Kyronix
Special Moves – Ultima Online