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Sosarian Library III - (Origin Guild Index)

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Anarchy (baja)

A fel based Champ spawn/PvP guild. Every type of template really has some kind of role in this guild. Currently we are recruiting pvp oriented characters. The guildmaster is Azmodan Beguile and Camerlingo's are Shabba, Leif, and Jakal. We come from large guilds on baja shard and others. We have tons of experience in the felucca champ spawn scene. .

Azmodan: ICQ 6534411
Jackal : ICQ 308002953
Leif : ICQ 120205088
Shabba : ICQ 10818315

Currently the Illuminati has for its guildmembers:
1. Ventrilo Server
2. Guild Message boards (private to guild only)
3. UO Auto Map server.
4. Great system of giving out scrolls

Currently our rank structure is as follows:
Camerlingo=Co-gm, high council,recruiters.
Skirmisher=Members that play to pvp/spawn. (rank 3)
Hasasin=Members that play to pvp/spawn. (rank 2)
Follower=Newer members proving themselves in the field.

I believe you can learn something new from every person in this game reguardless where you came from. I enjoy being in a diverse guild with people from Baja to Europa. In the days we have been established, I have met some really good people, and learned some tactics that wernt even thought of on baja. If you are looking a guild that is very active, does multiple champs per day, and has some great leadership then this is the guild for you. If you should be interested please ICQ myself or Leif, or Shabba.
Azmodan Beguile


Wolves of Fenris (WOLF)

WOLF is a group of friends seeking to have the utmost fun in UO doing whatever its members are interested in, to include: all forms of PvM (T-Hunting, Paragon hunting, Dungeon crawls, in both tram and fel); PvP to include champ spawns, field fights and anything else our members are interested in; RP of our characters within the parameters of the background of our guild.

WOLF is based in a warhammer 40k game army, the Space Wolves. This only serves as a background for our RP. The Wolves are making a new history in Sosaria on the Origin shard. We do NOT RP wolves, we just have a wolf theme, with cool titles and background stories. We are a "good" guild in that we do not grief other players or PK needlessly in felucca. This doesn't not mean we won't defend ourselves or our honor at times in ways that some guilds might not.

We have a castle surrounded by a growing community of keeps and houses east of Britain in trammel. Currently new members have the option of placing a house in our community until it fills up. We are openly recruiting anyone that is a Virtuous player and interested in teamwork and goal-oriented play in UO. This does not mean that you will be accepted into the guild, but anyone can apply.

WOLF was started by several friends from the pacific shard of UO, who have all played UO for many years. We come from various guilds and seek to build a new community on Origin. We already have several new friends that have joined us from other shards that came to Origin.

We maintain a website (under construction) with message boards, a TeamSpeak server, and a UOAM server for the use of our members. We will require TS for PvP but not PvM (but highly recommended). We are NOT a PvP guild but we will offer PvP as an option for our members. Our goal is to remain as cutting edge as possible while maintaining a casual RPing atmosphere for our members to enjoy. Everyone in WOLF will have the opportunity to advance according to their deeds, and no one will be turned away based on whether they play too much or too little of UO (casual players still welcome). This is not a hardcore RP guild, but we will have basic requirements of our members to maintain a modicome of RP atmosphere in the guild.

Anyone interested in such a guild should contact me via pm. I don't like posting my icq here. But I will give you my icq in pm and get back to you right away. I have years of experience in leading guilds and promise you a quality experience in WOLF if you join, and the opportunity to advance as far as you care to, and help in attaining any of your UO goals, as well as a tight-knit family of people to call friends on Origin shard. *smiles*

Great Wolf (GM), Wolves of Fenris

P.S.--Here is a short account of the First Founding of the Wolves in Sosaria (how we came to be here from such a distant place):

Ragnar looked worriedly at Logan Grimnar. The Great Wolf shook his head in resignation. "It's no use Ragnar, I fear that they are lost." Ragnar stared in disbelief. "Surely there is something we can do? Is there no way to locate them at all?" "No, my friend. Many Space Wolves have been lost in the Warp just like this in ages past. None of them have ever been heard from again. We can hope, and we can continue to search for a way to find them. But for now, we must say goodbye." The Great Wolf bowed his head, and everyone in the great hall followed, murmuring prayers to Russ for their battle brothers. Ragnar opened his eyes and looked around. "Someday," he said, "...someday I will find them..." Logan Grimnar shook his head again, and retired to his chambers, his head filled with his own dark thoughts, and brooded for some time over the loss of an entire Great Company, before turning his attention to more immediate matters within the Fang.

"What was that?!!" yelled Jorin. "I don't know my Lord, we seem to have been sucked into the Warp. I fear the worst." Strom Silverfist gazed at his leader with a quizzical look. "Great spear of Russ, I wonder where we will end up now!" "My Lord, I do not know. I think we are gone from our world forever. We can only hope that where we land is more hospitable than where we came from." "You have that right," said Jorin, then sighed, thinking about the hordes of Tyranids they had left behind. "I guess Russ had his plans for us. We will stick together no matter what."

Jorin Bloodfang pondered briefly over what would become of his Great Company now. Since losing contact with the Chapter's battle ships, they had taken quite a beating. The Space Woves were mostly immune to the supernatural goings on within the Warp, but that did not mean they were not extremely wary at this sudden turn of events He looked around and saw nervous marines looking expectantly at him. "No matter what," he said loudly and steadily, "we will face our fate like true Space Wolves. We will die fighting if that be our fate. If not we will face living with honor. Prepare yourselves, my battle brothers!" with that, a loud roar went up from the assembled marines, accompanied by no small amount of howls. They then stood ready as their ship emerged from the Warp amid a dazzling aura of silver light from a small sun. The ship tumbled through space and was caught up in the gravity of a planet. A world like so many and yet distinct. It appeared as so many other spheres in space had appeared before, impossible to make out its features beneath the cloud cover that surrounded it.

"Ok here we go," shouted Jorin, "today we make history yet again!" The ship began to break up and Jorin ordered his brothers to abandon ship. A thousand Space Wolves loaded themselves into their drop pods and prepared their weapons like so many times before, knowing that this time was different, and could well be their last. The looked at each other at they fell through the atmosphere, wondering what this new world of theirs would bring.

Soon they wondered no more. Jorin popped the hatch on his pod after it hit the earth. His Wolf Guard leaped out ahead of him, scattering quickly to assess the immediate surroundings. Soon Strom returned with the others. "My Lord, the world appears hospitable. We are stranded but at least we are alive." "That remains to be seen, my friend," said Jorin. "We will see what kind of life we can make here."

Suddenly a rustle in the nearby brush brought them to alert. The squad of Wolf Guard along with the rest of the Company had bolters trained on the branches as a figure emerged. A shriveled, hunched over, ancient man appeared. He appeared to be some sort of magi, his cloak embroidered with archaic runes. The Wolf Priest put his hand out to lower Jorin's chainsword. "Stay your hand my brother; he appears to mean us no harm. And I sense he has a kind spirit." "Indeed," said the stranger,"I come bringing greetings from the Council of Mages of Britannia, which is more than I can say for others who dwell here! But in all my Sosarian days, I have never ever seen the likes of you! What manner of men are you? And why are you here?" Jorin glanced at his battle brothers before speaking. "It's a long story, ancient mage. I will tell you it in its entirity. But first, may I know who I am speaking to?" The old mage paused. "Boric," he said, "Boric the Grey at your service." A thin smile crossed his lips. "And I fear you may need my service more than you think." With than he made a quick motion to follow, turned, and disappeared into the trees. Jorin and company quickly gathered up their belongings and made to follow, wondering what their fate would be, and where their freak mishap had finally brought them. "Sosaria, he said. I wonder where that is?" intoned Strom. "I don't know, but it's where we are now," said Jorin with resignation. "Russ protect us, it's where we are now."

Caveat Emptor

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Guild - Oasis Auction Staff
Abbv - $OA$
Guild Leader - Caveat Emptor

Oasis Auction Staff, is not actually a guild, it is the Members of the Oasis Auction House Staff, the players in this guild are the employees of the Oasis Auction House, and will have information as to upcoming auction times, and will also collect items to be Auctioned off at upcoming weekly auctions. Staff Members will also preform various duties on Auction nites... FYI- Items to be auctioned will be Collected in Advance of the auction so that auction guides can be created and handed out on auction nites. No Items will be collected on Auction nites.
Auction Details can also be found at House location shown on Signature below, Just ask the Town Crier at house for "news" and check bulletin board.


Guild - Allied in Underwear
Guild Abbreviation - AIU
Faction - Shadowlords

AIU as a guild fully intends to control factions on Origin for the entire life of the shard. Currently we own all of the towns, and assuming we can recruit a few more good players, there is absolutely no reason that we shouldn't be able to keep them.

I'm currently (and always) looking for motivated people who understand game mechanics, and want to be a part of something big. We don't have to be the best PvPers, or the most Uber equipped charactars, we just have to have the motivation and ingenuity to take what we want and hold onto it. If you feel like you want to be a part of this, ICQ me @ 10818315. Factions is not for everyone, but those who do join me, and prove that they are valuable to our team, will be rewarded greatly.

Thank you.


Legionarius Abrv. BTH

A complete history of our guild can be found at www.bthguild.com.
I am Publius, known as Ho the Impaler on the Origin server. My guild came here from Great Lakes for a change of pace. We are spawn/pvp oriented guild, who thrive for a good fight. We use ventrilo, it is required of all guild members. We are highly succesful and experienced from our success on Great Lakes, and we carry over battle hardened members to Origin. Currently we feel we are slicing through this server like a knife through butter, as such we are highly selective on who we recruit, out of the last 12 applicants, we accepted two. However, if you feel you are good enough to join the elite, visit the guild website mentioned above, and send a private message to Publius on our forum. If your message is well thought out, explains your background and interest, and what you can contribute to our guild we may be interested. Legionarius has been around since the eve of invent of factions, we are well established. Our current leadership on Origin is Ho the Impaler, followed by my Ephors (assistant leaders), Gravis Ruin, Italiano, Nubz, and Sevendust/Draxus.

Feel free to contact us in game, however we rarely socialize, and we are often found at Despise, come at your own peril.

Happy hunting

Levy THB

Treasure Hunters of Britannia - THB
I am Levy GM of THB on Origin Shard. We are a Treasure hunter guild that revolves around the Cartography/Lockpicker skills. We also usually have tamers and peacemakers around aswell. We have longstanding tradition on other shards and have brought the same goals and traditions over to Origin shard now too.
Please feel free to check out the home page click here url=http://uo.stratics.com/thb/index.shtml]THB Homepage[/url]

To make a request to join please check on the homepage or pm me here.

We have a Keep designated as our guildhouse its loacted north of Minoc Mines. ill post the coords in a bit.

We are very active guild, that strives in building community togetherness and also helps in many events around the shard. We will in time have public events and make a name for ourselves in Origin shard.

Please feel free to icq me at 192367238 or pm me here for more details

Braelynn Aria

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
"May Truth be my Sword, Courage my Sheild, and Love guide them both"
<br>Thus is the Oath of the Royal Britannian Guard. Ever we seek to protect Britannia and it's people from outside evils.
<br>I am Braelynn Aria, The Oracle of the Royal Britannian Guard. I am given this title rather than Guildmaster because I have the gift of forsight, since I was a child strange whisperings I could hear in my dreams, and always they told of the future for Britannia.
****This guild is currently under the leadership of The Oracle she can be reached by icq at 332317700****
<br>***As a long time Vet (going on 89 months now) I created this guild here on Origin to help pull together a community. I am originally from Atlantic, there is a decent sized RBG there and Stuffa will be helping me in my new role here as well. The RBG will be called upon for Events (once we have them) both EM events and hopefully some player run events as well. In truth I have not run a guild of the size I hope this one gets to so look forward to helping me and giving me suggestions. I do have a small contingent of in game friends who will serve to help me in most ways. If you wish to join our guild I only ask that you do so with sincere intents, to try and help the people of Britannia, to fight without thought of ones self, to help where help is needed. I do hope to have sashes in the near future but cannot at this point guarentee anything. The sashes are not to be seen as a rare item, but an item that you wear with pride. Should you like to join the RBG speak to any who are currently members.***


Stratics' Finest
Stratics Veteran
Greetings and well met traveller.

If ye are a Master of a Guild, ye may post as much information as you would like about your Origin Guild. Do remember, that the more information you provide, the better chances you may have of attracting new members, aye.

Also do remember, that this is not a discussion Hall for Guilds, this Hall is only to showcase those Guilds who have chosen to list themselves here. Said posts are subject to removal without notice.

(Index of posted guilds has been removed as is has become uneditable due to some issue with HTML in old posts.)


The Dark Elves [Dark]

The Dark Elves is first and foremost a role playing Guild. We may engage in hunts, champion spawns as well as PvP, but in all cases our members our expected to behave with eloquence and courtesy. Though by nature our theme lends itself towards a certain "Dark" flair...we are by no means evil. Our members are permitted both to aid and befriend fellow craftsmen and adventurers, as well as to hunt them down and slaughter them. But, in either case, it will be done with an air of repect and dignity.

ICQ: 317-036-190
email: [email protected]


The Blood Claw Clan [ORCS]
A new founded Orc RP guild. Current Orc fort is West of Minoc.
Planning to be a fun filled Clan doing PvM and PvP, and of course to harass the "Panzee Umies" as much as possible. Thats what the orcs are for. Raiding and such are in the plans for the future as well.
Rank Structure
Klerggoth ( Orc Chief)
Grunt ( melee specialist)
Sh'khar (Shaman)
Mojoka (Shaman apprentice/magic user)
Snaga ( New Orcs to the clan)
More ranks will be added to the clan as time goes by and as needed. If you are interested feel free to contact me by PM or ICQ 320571091


Defenders of Virtue (D*V)

A guild based upon the three principles of the virtues in Ultima. Truth, Love and Courage. Roleplaying is encouraged but not required simply because not everyone in UO likes to Roleplay but many seek guilds that are fun. A working rank system is in place to not only give some sense of order but to also give our members something to strive for and give the guild a purpose. Once the leadership is fully in place there will be quests and events as well as group hunts etc. I have set up a simple web site trhough guilduniverse that offers forums both private and public, an events calendar, news pages and more. Come check us out, read over the info I have posted there, and if youre interested get with me through ICQ (228576752) or PM here on stratics and we will get you set up.


Thanks for reading!


Elen'Mar E|F

We are a friendly role-playing elven guild located in the quaint city of Elen'Mar which is located south of the Skara Docks in Trammel. We welcome everyone, whether they be orcs or humans. We recruit quite frequently and our guild list is growing quite nicely. We are a guild that does many hunts, events, meetings, etc. We are all quite close with each other. Also.. we do allow more than elven people to join :} We have quite a few buildings in our town.. Auction House, Mall, Tavern, Smithy, Event Hall, etc... There are also a few other guilds who reside in the town such as DARK and MOO.

If you are interested in joining E|F you can contact either myself Talishara (65821442) or Eowyna (44809177)



KOJ- Knights of Justice

The Knights of Justice was established by Forrest and Michael Wolf of origin just days after the server birth. Our purpose is to organize hunts/champion spawns/train/and take on Doom. Any person who wishes to join KOJ can ICQ Forrest at 333-260-825 or Michael Wolf at 221-059-998. Our headquarters is located at the Tram Justice shrine. Most of our memebers are located here as well. We expect new members to be mature and follow the guild rules.


Greetings, traveler. I am called Quarnozian in the common tongue. I head the clan known as Dark Reign, but our ranks are all but non-existant. My people are vampires, and we have been forced to hide amongst the common population for centuries because of one man who caused the downfall of our great society.

Guild - Dark Reign
Abbv - DR
Leader - Quarnozian

This is mostly a vampire RP guild, we ARE part of the RP alliance, and the RoE (Rules of Engagement) will be enforced very strictly. Other than that the rules are very lenient... I discourage fights, encourage neutrality and respect to all other guilds and races. I plan to eventually have a large gathering of houses in Felucca which we will call the vampire city. The people whom wish to fight can post themselves as guards to keep people from causing mischief in the city. I hope guards aren't necessary, but as it is fel, we may get some non-rp pvp'ers in there trying to cause problems... we will want to discourage this.

You can ICQ me if you want to join, it's listed in my profile. I will give you access to the guildhouse, which is relatively empty at the moment... eventually there'll be a meeting hall, guild storage, crafting rooms, and 2 floors devoted to pvp training. although we could go outside for that as the area next to my house is almost always deserted. I have seen about 3 reds run past my house in the 3 months I've lived there... one red a month isn't really worth worrying about. plus I'm against the mountains for miners, and there's plenty of trees if you want to go chop wood.

Braelynn Aria

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
<font color=000080>
<font color=red>Due to changes in my pregnancy I will not continue to be GM of this Guild. Edalim is currently in charge of it and will do a fine job. Sorry for this inconvinience</font color=red>
Greetings and Salutations Noble folk of Origin. I bring to you word of a New RP guild.
The Guardians of Heartwood (\o/)
This guild is now recruiting for RP interested players. As you may guess this is an Elven guild, that will specialize in spellweaving, an Elven Coven if you will. While there is not a whole lot of information currently available about our new Elven Town of Heartwood, it is suggested that the entrance will be in Yew. The Elves will once again appear and clean up Yew, making it the glorious green splendor it once was. For this reason The Guardians will live in and around Yew. I have marked currently over 15 fairly large house spots in the area, ranging from 12x14 to 18x13. Each house will be fitted with an Arcane Circle once they are available.

I do not yet know the type of events that we will hold, I'd like to get more information on the expansion first.

These elves will be friendly to a degree (I think most elves have their limits), PvP will not be something I plan to participate in, unless it is part of a planned event, or unless it should happen by accident. You are more than welcome to play in fel, but it will not be required.

More to come as I think of it...If you are interested please contact me by PM or ICQ 296567942.</font color=000080>


Skara Farms Guild (MOO) - tis a guild that primarily focuses on group pvm. Everything from champ spawns, level 6 tmap hunts, Doom etc. We have quite a number of tamers and bards, however all kinds of playstyles are welcome. Pvpers and Crafters too. Hunting solo is often practiced, but if get along well with others then this may be the guild for you. MOO is currently in the Dark Allaince (Dark, Dark Reign, Army of Vengeance). And are aquainted with those of E|F and other associates of Elen'Mar.

to contact: MilkMaiden(GM) ICQ# 309347838


Greetings and salutations to all! I bring thee news of the Origin Chapter of The National Rangers Alliance (NRA). I am Stelgor local Chapter Guildmaster and Elder Vet/Tamer. I would welcome any who would care to join a Guild dedicted to Honor and Help to all who ask. Newbie or Veteran makes no matter to me, and the ones I guild with. Being a new Guild to this Facet of Sosaria I am always in need of help.
You can find me in Luna, Delucia, and near Compassion in Ilshy. My home is located along the shore near the MInoc Stable (NE). Feel free to say Hi anytime I am always willing to talk and help out where I am able. I sometimes can be a little hard of hearing, but don't let that discourage you. We old people do have our moments! Pull up a chair and sit a spell. I promise not to exagerate too much. I have traveled far and wide through-out the Realm and have seen many things, but have yet to see it all. Need a rez? You have but to ask. Need a pet rezzed? For my animal friends nothing is to much. Blue is my color, and Red be my enemy.

Honor above all things for if a man has no honor he be not a man or Lady as the case may be.



W!W: Warrior's within. No longer a real guild. Updated to A U: Armageddon Unlimited.

W!W Is now considered a hiarchy guild.


Bregan D'aerth (BDA) is a Drow based role-playing guild in many online gaming worlds. It is a guild of friends, and in some cases family, that have been playing together across various MMORPGs for over eight years. Originating in Neverwinter Nights on the old AOL system, Bregan D'aerth has grown and spread into many gaming systems. Each group is different, having their own leaders and rules.

Bregan D'aerth is based on the mercenary Drow group of the same name in R. A. Salvatore's multitude of novels that are set in the world of Faerûn of the Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons setting. Drow are often found in many role-playing games and we have thus adapted our characters to similar standards. Bregan D'aerth translates, roughly, to Band of Rogues. Bregan began as a guild in the popular online game, Neverwinter Nights, on AOL. It’s carried on in guild form through many online games, including: Diablo, Diablo 2, Everquest and Ultima Online. Eventually we may even branch into other online games.

Bregan D'aerth strives to be a role-play guild, one that stays in character as much as possible while remaining courteous to other players and aiding and assisting young players. Lewd talk, actions or speech are strongly discouraged when you are in public with other role-players. Members are expected to respect their fellow players and role-players as persons and individuals both IC and OOC. IC, we are Drow and mercenaries. Respect to those not a part of the family is not really needed. However if you are helping someone...there is a difference.

While this is a role-play guild, we also participate in PvP and PVE/PvM. Depending on the game we are in depends on what we do and how we are aligned. Each guild division in games has it’s own set of rules and bi-laws.

Website: www.bregan.org
GM: Mirshann 199889122

We are also on Great Lakes but are expanding to Origin after talkign with others. The one thing we want to stress: We are not a drow house, but a band of mercenaries.

--Bregan D'aerth Officers


Legion of Honor

This is an invitation to honorable players to join the Legion of Honor. A non-pvp guild that is semi-role playing and military structured. This guild is intended to be fun without a lot of rules. Our goal is to help others and each other and share knowledge, resources, and skills. The only requirement is that you must be an honorable player. I am currently looking for leadership. This is a new guild and we hope to have lots fun hunting, questing, exploring and enjoying the camaraderie of its members. If you’re an advanced character I can use some leadership.
I have need of a second in command (Viceroy) A Red Commander, Blue Commander and a Green Commander. Each commander is responsible for his or her unit. The members of each unit will wear the unit’s color of cape. The Commander for each unit will determine rank within his or her unit. I need all levels of above leadership. I prefer GMs in at least 2 skills relevant to the characters chosen profession. I also want you if you’re new to the game as well to fill the ranks. We will help you equip yourself and aid you with training as needed with support and or advice. You will have a built in help system. You have to be honorable in nature and if you wish to lead then you must be dedicated to helping others.

We are starting to induct new members and if you interested then contact me at 1607787 ICQ or go to the Guild HQ, Fortress America, at 51o47’N 43o10’E and leave a message. Or leave a post here as I check often. We have a few characters joining now and have at least one command position filled. Most of our members are former military and current military. We hope to have you join our ranks soon.

Thank you

High Lord
Legion of Honor


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Order of the Crescent Moon

A light RP guild headed by Jasmine Silvers that likes to do spawns and peerless as well as Roleplay.

To contact, see ICQ in sig.


Inrroducing Dead End Army of Doom [DEAD]

Tired of getting all the keys for a Peerless simply to watch them go poof because the time runs out before you can gather enough players?

Tired of not being able to get enhancements done or repair work done?

Tired of not being able to find someone that can help you toss an Ancient Net or help with a level 6 Tmap?

Look no further! [DEAD] is all you need! We have a Legendary Mule, GM Treasure Hunter and a quite a few warriors to accomidate your every need! We're on most evenings and would love to have you join us. Just look for Rowan Elizabet at Luna bank or out adventuring and ask to join up!

[DEAD] is not a PvP guild, nor will you ever be put in a situation where you are in danger of having some huge red guild jump you! We have many other friendly guilds that we work with on a regular basis. Simply said, we bring Origin players together! Just ask members of [BoP], [XIT] and [Dane]!

You can contact me via ICQ# 16723425
[DEAD] banding together to stay alive!

Arial *COPS*

As you all know we are a medium sized guild on Orgin.we do quite a bit we pvp,pvm,and spawn quite a bit ,we love when we meet up with competion it only makes us see what we need to work on.I myself see this as an entertaining game for all ages.As many know we started this guild in Ocotber of 2005.we are a fel based guild.and have grown little at a time . We do have lots of newcomers in the guild but as you may remember we where all newbies at one time,and they to are learning as we did. I do not have many pvpers but what I do are good. and not one is afraid to fight or die.I cant say we will become a large guild someday.For Id rather have 15to 20 good players in the guild then have 200 that have to rely on healers at their side to survive. I can't ever say or claim COPS will rule this chard someday but heck we will have fun trying lol.

Ashley/Arial ---- Guild Mistress--- Chief Mistress
Sandor/Sloth---- Co Gm --Chief Deputy
Fulgrim/Derliwinger--2dn Co Gm----Chief Lt.
Eve/Annie----First Lt.
Ariyana----- Guild Event Cord.
then we have our Captians and Sergents
If youd like more info on our guild fell free to icq me @ 246121140 and I will answer any questions you may have .or ask any of my guys in town they will answer anything you may want to know.

And have a fun time ...................................

if you would like to visit our Guild Web Site feel free to do so


A U:Armageddon Unlimited. A guild built around it's members and is one of the most organized guilds on Origin. (Not in a modest way).

A break off from W!W, the old leader started a newer guild to be rid of the Bull that was flowing through W!W. We are not a fel based guild. We are a peerless guild that does some entertaining events such as a 24 hour dread-a-thon, Guild Casino Night, Scavenger Hunts, ect.

The guild chooses the council members in this guild. So we take votes. There is an application you'll need to fill out in order to join. This guild is family based. So please do not say anything that you wouldn't want your own kids to hear.


Thank you,

Tarquin Darkrune

Order of the Black Hand

A society of people of a Lawful Evil alignment. Not a band of bloodthirsty murderers (though we might have a few), we are a group of all skills. We welcome craftsmen, tamers, warriors, and mages alike. We prefer semi-rp (guidelines for which are listed below), and will be interacting with "good" guilds on Origin. Our society on Sonoma was fantastic, we were a self-contained community, owning most of the isle of moonglow.

A few rules, to give you an idea-

Code of Conduct-
1) Stay in-character, for a good guide hwo to do this, refer to stratics. We will help you to learn rp, but we're not going to tolerate a lot of "lol" and stfu.

2) Going out of character to discuss RL things should be avoided, we're here to paly a game. However, if it needs done, the guild channel can be used. Also, if anything "behind the scenes" during a rp meeting ist o be said in guild-channel.

3) Murder is not prohibited, after all we are evil, but it is not encouraged. Lack of the ability to go to Trammel is going to hinder you during rp events. However, if you wish to join another character to the guiuld to turn red, feel free.

4) Scripter-hunting is encouraged, promoted, and looked upon favorably by our gods.

5) Anyone not participating in the guild will be eliminated. We understand RL things come up, but no contribution whatsoever over time is going to result in your title being removed.

6) All guild hunts are for the guild-fund (see below). A percentage of the loot earned will go into a chest at the guildhouse. You will be able to keep items earned and found, however.

7) The Guild-fund. A loot chest filled from guild hunts and used to purchase housing for guildmates and equipment for the guild. Also used to pay mercenaries and craftsmen.

8) Guild craftsmen. Our craftsmen are used by our guild to decorate houses, stock vendors, and provide armor adn weaponry for our wars. They are paid handsomely for all ingots and weaponry they proviude, as well as have the right to post cvendors in our homes.

There are otehr rules, feel free to contact Tarquin at ICQ# 240-311-244


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