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Sosarian Library I - (RP Character Index)


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Welcome to this small library of biographies. Here ye will find a place where ye may look up records of those in the lands of our Sosaria, specifically the Origin Shard Fragments.

Ye may either browse the Library for the knowledge ye seek, or stumble across. Or ye may sumbit yer own Record to be graced by this hall, aye.

If ye wish to be listed in this Library, then please adhere to these Rules when posting your Biography or Listing:<blockquote>
  1. First, and foremost, please adhere to the Rules of Conduct.
  2. Secondly, please do nay post a listing for anyone else but yerself. If ye do, that would be impostoring, aye, an offence worthy of nothing but getting yer post removed, and an Official Warning marked on yer Stratic's Account.
  3. No Comments or Discussions here, ye may make new threads to discuss or comment on such things.
  4. This thread is Specifically for Role-Player's Listings. If ye are not a Role-Player, and would still like to list yerself, please head on over to the Non-RP Clone of this Library, aye.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thank ye for visiting, I do hope to see ye again traveler.

May Mystryl guide,
-Elminster Aumar, Sage of Elen'Mar

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Please Copy and Paste this Format for yer listing, and then add yer information for each part. Ye may add as much as ye like, or as little as ye like. (copy everything between the Code: horizontal rules below, then paste it into a new Reply.)

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Current Residence:
Guild/Faction Affiliation:
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title:
Biography, History, and/or Background:
Other Notes: </pre><hr />
Tip: Ye may use an ending Quote UBBCode to provide a Dividing Rule to seperate Multiple Character listings, that code is (without the #): [/quote#]

Cody McCourt

Name:Korin V
Age: exact unknown. seems to be aorund the age of 32
Height:roughly 5 foot 7 to 6 foot 4
Weight:14 stones
Hair Color:blonde
Eye Color:blue
Skin Color:white
Homeland:unknown currently
Current Residence:Evermore's Warrior Training Center
Guild/Faction Affiliation:Evermore Society
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title:Evermore Founder
Biography, History, and/or Background:at the current day the date of birth origin and homeland is unknown, as well as backround of any type. all we know is he appeared one day and created a new town.
Other Notes: One day in the future everyone may know where he came from. For now, not even he knows who he is besides his name.


Age: 123
Weight:100 lbs
Hair Color:White
Eye Color:Blue
Skin Color:Ebony
Current Residence:Gravewater Lake Mansion
Guild/Faction Affiliation:Dark
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title:Member

Biography, History, and/or Background:
Tiriel is of mesmerizing beauty. Her face is perfectly oval and her eyes are twin pools of blue radiance. Her lips are perfectly formed and her cheekbones are soft, yet angular. Her delicate white eyebrows are in stark contrast to the deep ebony of her skin and her eyelashes are like a sprinkling of snow adorning her lids. Her hair is long and smooth, as spun silk, it falls about her like a soft shimmering cloak of purest white. Her long neckline flows into a shapely torso. She is well-proportioned. Her legs are long and slender, with well-cut muscles and her arms show similar musculature. Her movement is graceful and elegant and her voice is soft and smooth as velvet.

Her beauty is unmarred, but it hides a will of steel. Tiriel has learned what true beauty and love are through a century and a half of suffering and hatred. She is outcast from her people because she chooses to be, and they would kill her on sight if she returned. She bears them no animosity, but her anger for Lolth, knows no bounds. She accepts the fact that surface dwellers fear and hate her because of the color of her skin. She strives to show them she is different through her actions as words often fall on deaf ears.

Tiriel loves to dance and sing under the full moon and never misses a sunrise. She takes joy in the smallest things, a drop of dew or a simple smile. She surrounds herself with beauty, not only beauty of the eye, but also beauty of the spirit. She is a very friendly outgoing Elf.

Other Notes:Tiriel loves to hunt or just sit in a tavern and talk. If your ever in need of friendly company....look me up.

Edalim Keove

Name: Edalim Keove
Gender: Male
Age: 212
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Light blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color:
Homeland: Daer Taur
Current Residence: Somewhere in the forest surrounding Elen'Mar
Guild/Faction Affiliation: Elen'Mar
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Elven Archer or as Talishara prefers it Bait
Biography, History, and/or Background:
Edalim and Othorion Keove were an inseparable pair of twins. They came from the Elven Kingdom of Daer Taur. Sons to the King, Merun Keove, the pair were renowned through out the lands as the greatest archers to ever string a bow. But they were also loathed by the many enemies who would see the Kingdom of Elves fall. The twins had become a target of many enemy swords and axes. But every time they had come out on top.

The brothers were the last in the bloodline, heirs to the throne of Daer Taur. It is custom in their Kingdom for the King to rule for only five hundred years. And while Merun was only in the 350th year of his reign, he knew he had to begin thinking which of his sons would take over for him. Edalim was the cautious one, which would help in keeping the Elves safely protected. But Othorion was very outgoing, sometimes over zealous. Which could help with relations from the neighboring kingdoms. "What shall I do?" Merun asked his advisor Barral. "You know the rules my King, before a successor may be chosen he must have taken a wife, and she must be with child," Barral said with a smirk on his face. "Might I suggest you push Othorion toward that direction, he would do well in repairing our relations with the Dwarves." "Besides, I know an Elf who would be a very suitable wife for him. Should they form a bond with one another," His said, eyes flashing red just as the King spun around on his heels. "And what of Edalim and his wariness of everyone? Should that not be considered," Shouted Merun as he glared at Barral. Barral took a step back and bowed his head. "Yes he should be considered, but you know his reputation. It may very well take him 5000 years to find someone to get past the barriers he has. Remember Myrinna? I'm just suggesting that the logical choice be Othorion unless you want the throne to fall into...." He trailed off not wanting to further upset the King. Merun grumbled to himself a moment then stated, "Make it so, put Othorion in contact with this female and see if they can form a bond!" The King whirled on his heels and stormed out of the room. Barral smirked again and rubbed his hands together vigorously. "Contact indeed but you will live to regret this Merun," he thought to himself as he hurried to his chambers.

Merun had called his sons in for a private audience and explained to them his decision. Edalim held his head high and nodded to his father. "You make a wise choice Father. Othorion will make a fine leader, if he could settle down with one female that is," Edalim said with laughter as he punched his brother on the arm. "Brother you know it is very hard to find which the bond is so strong, but alas for the kingdom I must continue my search," he smiled and winked at his brother. "Besides we do not have 1000 years for Edalim here to even kiss one for the first time much less bond with one," he laughed, as Merun and Edalim joined in. A knock came at the chamber door. "Oh that must be Barral with a special guest! Do come in," shouted the King. Barral entered followed by a slender cloaked figure. "Merun, my King, I give you Larune of Fandium," said Barral with a bow. As she removed her hood no one in the room could miss her bright lavender eyes. She smiled politely and stated, "Pleased to meet you all." Edalim stood with his arms folded across his chest, as if contemplating something. Othorion on the other hand stood, mouth agape, trying to muster a compliment for the beautiful Elf. "Father I must depart I must research something," Edalim said as he headed for the door. "If you must my son but do not be late for the feast tonight, in honor of our new guest." As the door shut behind him Edalim could hear his father say, "Othorion why don't you take Larune out for a walk through the gardens and get acquainted."

Barral could barely hold back his maniacal laughter as he watched the two and their budding relationship. "My dear Larune what these fools are in store for once he falls deeply for you," He thought to himself and smirked. Barral was not truly an Elf, but a Dark Elf from the depths of the underground. He was on order to send Daer Taur into chaos and destroy the hierarchy. Many thousands of years ago when the Drow were forced out of Daer Taur and into the underground a powerful priestess cursed the surface Elves. It was said that if the current bloodline of the Kingdom should be broken the Dark Elves would inherit the land and all its riches. Barral was but a pawn in the Matron Mother's plans, but he did not mind at all. He was serving the ruling house with pride and would do whatever it took to see his task through. He was after all the perfect drow for the job. He was much more pale than other drow, and being a wizard could easily mask his heritage from those unaware. Barral befriended Merun when he was still young and they had remained "friends" ever since. Now that he had the Kings utmost trust his plan was to come to fruition. He knew Meruns' sons had their separate weaknesses and that the easiest to exploit would be Othorion. That is why he called upon Matron Everhar to send him her most trusted female. She sent him her eldest daughter Larune. If any Drow embodied the spirit of chaos and maliciousness it was Larune. Barral was most impressed with her acting, she had fooled everyone so far with her grace and beauty, everyone but Edalim. With that thought Barral sneered, "We will have to eliminate him sooner rather than later if he discovers anything."

Edalim did discover something, or so his suspicious nature told him. In his two hundred years on this world he had never heard of a village called Fandium. He had spent the past few decades researching every bit of parchment and seeking out the wisest of sages but to no avail. It was time to bring this to his fathers attention. He marched into his fathers audience chamber, rolled parchments stuffed under his arm. He stopped suddenly, noticing his brother and Larune speaking with Merun. "Ah Edalim, you have come at the right time. Your brother has just announced his intentions to go through with the bonding ceremony with Larune," His father exclaimed with a ear to ear grin on his face. Edalim rolled his eyes and walked quickly to his fathers side. He cupped his hand and whispered into his fathers ear, "We must discuss something before you announce this to the kingdom." Merun quirked a brow then motioned to Othorion, "Both of you leave us at once, you have much to plan and Edalim and I have a few things to discuss." Othorion smiled and swept Larune into his arms, briskly exiting. Edalim sighed heavily and stated, "Father there is no such place in written record of a village called Fandium, she is either lying to us or she is afraid to admit where she really comes from." The king just shook his head, "My son you are often too paranoid for your own good. Why can you not accept that your brother is happy and settling down for once?" Edalim snapped at his father, "This is NOT paranoia, something is not right with this whole situation and I'm trying find out what it is! If you are going to turn a blind eye to it then fine, but I will figure this out and when I do you shall see the error of your judgement. I just pray that it is not too late!" With that he whirled on his heels and stormed out, slamming the doors behind him.

"Barral I will not go through with this atrocious ceremony, you had better put the finishing touches on your plan. Or I will see to it that my mother sacrifices you to the Spider Queen," Larune snarled at him. "Edalim is too suspicious of us, I should have removed him from the picture earlier than this," Barral said hanging his head low in shame. "No matter, have you the spell prepared for tonight Larune? I will prepare the same spell for Edalim once you have removed Othorion," Barral said as he flipped through his many tomes. She nodded and headed off to find Othorion, in what she hoped to be the beginning of the end for this kingdom as the world knew it.

Larune found him basking in the sun on the balcony overlooking the gardens below. She snuck up behind him and kissed him softly on the cheek. "My dearest Othorion, I do think it is time for us to announce our plans to my family don't you?" She asked with batted eyes. He turned to face her and wrapped her in an embrace. "Larune I know it is tradition but I would much rather spend the weeks and months we would be traveling, here with you in my arms," he said with a wink. "You know how much this means to me and if you wish me to go through this ceremony with you then you will come with me. I do have a surprise for you though, Barral gave me special scroll that will make our journey swift. That way we will have more time for each other," Larune said smiling up at him. He sighed heavily and asked, "So what must we do to use the scroll and get there?" "Stand back and watch my love," she said with a smile. Larune pulled the scroll out of a pouch on her belt. She unfurled it and started to read the magical runes aloud. As she did a magical door appeared in front of her. "Open it and walk through my dear, I will be right behind you but I must keep my concentration as long as possible," She said through the chanting. He approached the door and opened it, peering through he could see a forest with strange glowing crystals forming all around. In the distance was what appeared to be a city, its sandstone walls towering high above the surrounding forest. He shrugged to himself, looked to Larune and stepped through. As soon as he was through Larune crumpled the paper and the door disappeared. "All too easy, he was more of a fool than I thought," She exclaimed aloud. Little did she realize the presence of another in the room. She noticed the shadow of him too late, as she tried to whirl to face him he struck her in the face knocking her unconscious. "I knew you were up to something wench," Edalim growled as he spat in disgust.

Her hands and feet bound, Edalim tossed her over his shoulder and rushed toward his fathers audience chamber. He kicked the door open to see his father and Barral in deep discussion. They both turned toward him as he stormed in. "This female is a trait..." Barral cut him off quickly, "I've already brought this to your fathers attention. "I had been keeping a close eye on her ever since I brought her here. I thought something was not right with her," Barral blurted out as he waved a hand. "Barral she said she got a scroll from you and that is how she was able to send my brother away, tell me now what treachery you weave in my fathers kingdom," he roared as he tossed Larune aside. "She must have stolen it from my chambers. I...I would never do anything to bring harm to this Merun or Daer Taur," he stammered as he backed away. "If this spell is from your library then what did it do to my son," Merun roared and stepped in Barral's direction. Edalim tossed the crumpled parchment at Barral. He unfolded it and began skimming the scroll. "This is a dimensional travel spell, the destination is on here but I cant quite make it out," he said as he shook his head. "Cast that spell and let us go get Othorion then," Merun snarled. "My King it would not be wise for all of us to go, should Othorion have wandered far from the spot the door was opened if could take us a long while to find him," Barral stated matter-of-factly. The King nodded and looked toward Edalim, "Will you be willing to go in search of your brother while I remain here my son?" Edalim patted his quiver full of arrows on his hip, felt the bow strapped to his back and smiled at his father, "Of course I'm ready, cast the spell Barral. Keep the door open until I have returned, no matter how long it takes." Barral read the scroll aloud and slowly the magical door appeared again. When Edalim opened the door the other side did not look the same as the one his brother had stepped into. He glared at Barral and started to knock an arrow, "Wrong place, all I see is snow there. Not a crystalline forest like the one I saw in Othorion's chambers. Cancel this one and do it again!" Barral shook his head trying not to break the concentration, "This is as close as I can get to his location. With the parchment being crumpled its hard to focus on the exact location." Edalim slow lowered his bow and looked to his father, who's eyes got suddenly big. A loud thud echoed through the room as a mace struck Edalim on the back of his head. Larune stood over him with a wicked smile on her face. Her spell expired Merun saw the true nature of her, a Dark Elf. Before he could react, Merun was frozen in place by a spell from Barral. The king subdued, Larune picked Edalim off the floor and flung him through the magical door. Before Edalim hit the ground on the other side he was able to her his father yell out, "Find your brother, and make it back to Daer Taur or all is lost!"

He awoke in a bed and noticed a robed figure sitting near to him. The robed man stepped toward him. "You finally awake," he said smiling. Edalim shook his head as if trying to Clear his head. He sat up slowly, "Where am I and what is this place?" The man felt Edalims head and stated, "The Lyceaeum on the Isle of Moonglow. And group of fisherman brought you to us, said they found you face down in the snow on Dagger Isle. What would an Elf from Elen'Mar be doing on Dagger Isle in the middle of Winter?" Edalim rubbed the back of his head and asked, "Elen'Mar what is that? I am Edalim Keove of Daer Taur." The man just shook his head. "I am Paulson a sage and healer. As he said that Edalim shot up out of bed and balled his fists. "Where are my things? I do not trust you or any sage especially a human!" Edalim growled, trying to hold back his anger. Paulson calmly stood and walked to a chest. He reached down into it and picked up a pack and a bow. Setting them on the bed, he stepped back and said, "As you wish I know not what bothers you but I would suggest you travel to Skara Brae and find your way to Elen'Mar. Perhaps other Elves might be able to assist you better than I." Edalim quickly gathered his belongings and headed for the door, stopping in mid stride to ask, "How will I find this Skara Brae?" Paulson smiled widely, "I took the liberty of putting a map and provisions in your pack, it wont be too difficult to find." Edalim nodded his head in thanks and headed out the door in search of Elen'Mar. All the while contemplating what is happening to his father, what about his brother, should he have been more open and tried to settle down to ease the burden on his father? Many of those questions are sure to be answered as the days and months go by. This is only the beginning of his journey for not only finding his brother but finding himself.

Other Notes: As you can see hes an Elf that believes in the traditions and heritage of his Elven race. Hes not one for liking Humans mixing with Elves when it comes to love and spirit biding. Also thanks to Larune he has a deep running distrust for any of the Dark Elves. Much of this could and possibly will change but one will never know unless one finds him and speaks with him.


Name: Quarnozian

Gender: Male

Age: Somewhere over 3000. I was turned into a vampire at the age of 15, and after about 300 years, time began to have very little meaning to me.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 10 stones naked, 13 with the backpack on, and 89 in full battle gear.

Hair Color: scalp... all my hair is kept removed from the body, it helps keep the body cool.

Eye Color: The iris is the same color as the pupil... pure black.

Skin Color: White while not taking in the appearance of a human. When human, it looks pale with a slight greenish cast to it.

Homeland: Vynaxulisia. The town has long since been forgotten, but it wasn't the greatest place to begin with. I prefer not to talk about it.

Current Residence: The Dark Reign Temple. It's about 4 lengths to the east of the Minax Stronghold in Felucca. The roof has an infinity symbol on it.
(lengths = screens)

Guild/Faction Affiliation:I run the clan Dark Reign. We currently do not affiliate with any of the factions.

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Clanleader, Kal Uni Mahkra

Biography, History, and/or Background: I have posted three medium length stories on this in the Tower of Origin. You can find a link to the tower in one of the main topics.

Other Notes: Anyone is welcome to become a friend of the temple and use our facilities. However, foolishness will not be tolerated. If it comes to my attention that you are acting inappropriate within the tower, you will no longer be allowed on the premesis. The main rule is that there is no fighting allowed except within the 3rd and 4th floors, and this is only if the person you do battle with has agree'd to do battle. This agreement implies that murdercounts will NOT be given no matter what the result of the battle, unless your opponent specifically requests to recieve murdercounts.
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Name: Noxule

Gender: Male

Age: 24 years

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 13 stones. I don't feel like finding out my weight fully equipped.

Hair Color: I'm also shaved. I believe all of us within the tower prefer to be shaved.

Eye Color: Emerald Green, it almost matches the color of my poisons. *grin*

Skin Color: rather pale with a sickly color to it... the occasions I have poisoned myself seem to have had an effect on my overall health.

Homeland: I have given my word that I will never reveal this. (if I do it's most likely a lie)

Current Residence: In the Dark Reign Temple.

Guild/Faction Affiliation: I am in the Dark Reign.

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: I currently have the title of Sage within the guild.

Biography, History, and/or Background: I grew up in the house of my father, who was an alchemist. I did not know my mother because she was seasoning food one day and mistakenly seasoned it with my father's delicious deadly poison. Very tasty, but rather deadly. After that my father was rather depressed all the time, so he would keep his mind off of it by the repetitive non-stop grinding of potions... I was put in charge of the sales in the shop so my father wouldn't have to deal with interacting with people.
Our shop did rather well, since we were always in stock, and sold somewhat cheap. If we didn't sell cheap we'd have been overstocked constantly because of my fathers perpetual grinding. On the slow days I would often go back to silently help him, and thus I learned a pretty fair amount of alchemy. Eventually one day my father couldn't bring himself to go on, and chugged one of his own deadly poisons... I was unable to force him to drink a cure.
After losing my father I sold all the remainder of his potions and went out into the world to make my own way... My skills in alchemy were enough to keep me from losing all the money I had inherited from my parents deaths, but I still eventually began to reach the end of the large savings. At that point I joined a house of mages and agree'd to do their menial tasks and make them cure potions for them to practice their poison spells. They also agreed to teach me the foundation of magic and even gave me my own spellbook. After a year or so, I believe I was 18, they declared me a master mage and told me that I should learn to inscribe spells as well since the further knowledge of transferring the power into scrolls would further my abilities as a mage. Another 2 years and I was declared a grandmaster mage and scribe.
At that point I was told about the secret of their house... they were all mage assasins. I was rather astonished and somewhat afraid, and was sworn to never tell who or where they were, even if tortured. I didn't have much choice, a single mage cannot fully defend himself from 3 or more mages... sure he might take down 2, but the third will kill him before he finishes him off. So I decided that I should be honored that they decided to tell me rather than simply keep me ignorant of the truth. I eagerly joined in the missions and eventually was given my first solo assignment at the age of 23.
This assignment was to assasinate a man who was participating in the nujelm city council, and his sugguestions and advice were making nujelm too powerful for the rest of the cities to be comfortable with him in there helping run things. The man was known as Kolmer, and he was on the city council. Many other assasins had been sent after him, but his chambers were kept well guarded and the previous assasins had no training in magic.
Confident in my training I went to the nujelm palace and infiltrated their trust posing as a mage on the quest for knowledge and had heard that one man in their council had been displaying a quality of intellegence beyond that found anywhere else. They were easily decieved by the flattery and I was introduced to Kolmer that same day. We had many chats and I was amazed by the depth of this mans mind. I was still determined to finish the job though, so one day I asked if he knew much about magery... he said he knew quite a bit about it, but had discontinued it. I asked if he would mind giving me pointers about my technique, to which he agree'd... then I began casting a powerful spell pretending like I was going to cast it on my spellbook, but at the last minute I targeted him. Greatly weakened he fell to the floor, but then he called upon the dead spirits and they healed him! His retaliation was a spell of horrible gas that strangled me. When I woke up I was in a buildign that seemed to be under construction, and Kolmer was sitting at a black stone desk sorting through some items... but he was not human! He grinned revealing 2 long fangs and told me to tell him what he wanted to know or he would be forced to make me his slave till the end of days. I pretended to go along with it and he saw through my ruse easily... aparrently by speaking to the spirits... he then told me everything I had deliberatly been hiding from him, everything in my past... even the details about the house of magery that I had sworn to keep a secret!
Completly defeated I reached for the "last resort" as we call it... which would be a scribes pen dipped in lethal poison collected from the corpse of a poison elemental... when I reached for the pen in my pocket he put something on his desk... at which point I noticed my pockets were completly empty. He told me what I was seeking was in the bag and I was free to use it... if I could find it. I opened the bag... it was COMPLETLY full of scribe pens!!! I demanded to know what he wanted with me, to which he told me I was to be his new apprentice. He was in search of those whom were seeking knowledge, and thought I would be a worthy addition to the team he was assembling. He told me my skills in magery and inscription are exquisite, and that my alchemical training might be completed here, and that there was a great potential to learn how poisons effect the body, and thus enhance my ability to poison items or people. I figured it would be a good idea, and could find another opportunity to kill him later and return to the house of magery after I do.
Then he threw a robe at me and told me to change... I did so and he gathered up all my discarded clothes and marched outside where he murdered a Priest of Mondain! And not just a normal killing... he drained the blood from his body. It was at that point I realized he wasn't simply a non-human, but was a vampire... he then animated the skeleton of the corpse and carved off most of the flesh clinging to it... dressed it in my clothes and sent it marching off! I had to ask what the heck he was doing!! To which he calmly replied he had just sent the skeleton to the house of magery with a note in the pocket.... they will kill the skeleton and seeing it is in your clothes probably search the body finding the note. When I inquired what was in the note... he said it word for word... "I know where you are, and what you do... your house is no longer safe, and I will be there to make you sorry for your actions shortly."
I stared at him blankly and suddenly felt free! I was overcome with laughteur at how panicked the mages would all be and how fast they would run! It was perfect... in that one stroke he eliminated the mages from coming to look for me and sent them into a cowardly hiding! The most powerful mage can summon the form of powerful creatures, but they dissapear after a while, or are killed and turn into an empty husk... but a animated skeleton is something entirely different! They would be terrified.
At that point I lost interest in killing him... if I did I'd never be able to find the mages in hiding... and even then they'd probably think I was a zombie and attack me. I was free from their society now and didn't have a desire to go back anyways. Looking at Kolmer I asked when I could begin my training... and he smiled and said, you already have. and by the way... my real name is Quarnozian.

So that is how I came to join the house of Dark Reign. Of course there's a lot of stuff I skipped... and even though the people whom I promised to protect the identities of aren't anywhere to be found, I will stick to my oath.

Other Notes: I'm a noxmage scribe with alchemy. Once I complete my training in alchemy I will probably be growing plants for their wonderous resources. I'll be selling thorns for 500 gold pieces a piece... hopefully in quantities fo 100 at a time... 50k isn't too bad to spend on something that will earn you 100k. Of course if you really want to buy 1000 I suppose I could sell you 1000... I'll even reduce the price to 400 per thorn... 400k will get you 1000 thorns. If you see me advertising thorns in luna, you can expect these prices from me.
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Name: a minor

Gender: male

Age: 12

Height: 5'8"

Weight: about the same as 2 stack of ore I suppose... unless I'm carrying ore on me. I never weighed myself so I can't be certain.

Hair Color: shaved... Noxule was right. We're all shaved.

Eye Color: black iris like Quarnozian, it seems a common trait to vampires. Must have something to do with the blood.

Skin Color: White or light with greenish hue.

Homeland: Skara Brae

Current Residence: The Dark Reign Temple.

Guild/Faction Affiliation: Dark Reign

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Cognoscenti

Biography, History, and/or Background: I grew up in skara brae and was the son of a blacksmith... he used lots of iron ore and took me mining a lot... some murderers killed him one day and chased me to the temple shotting arrows at me and casting spells the whole time... they decided to give up persuit when I reached the temple. Quarnozian met me outside and it was aparrent I would die from my wounds shortly... he asked me if I would rather die and hope the mage returned to resurrect me soon, or if I would want to drink vampire blood and never fully die again, but never fully be alive either... I decided to drink of his blood and become a vampire. Ever since then I have never really been afraid of dieing... it may happen sometime, but it never really hurts. Other than that I don't have much to tell... my mempries of being human are rather vague... I've spent all my time mining around the mountian the temple rests against. I have even made a very detailed map of it that documents all the ore I have found, and where I found it. Eventually I plan on posting the whole map of the mountain range so that others will be able to use it. I'm determined to re-mine all the iron locations and see if I can find anything else useful in there... just so my map is more accurate.

Other Notes: If you want the map now, send Send an ICQ and I'll give you a link to download it.
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Name: Kajrebmul

Gender: male

Age: 34

Height: 6'8"

Weight: That's kind of personal isn't it! I mean honestly!

Hair Color: shaved... everyone else did it... *shrug*

Eye Color: brown.... like the dirt I sleep in.

Skin Color: a little pale, some slight grass stains on it I guess... I refuse to wear sandals!

Homeland: trinsic... but then they put all those nasty stones there and I decided I was better off somewhere else.

Current Residence: Dark Reign Temple

Guild/Faction Affiliation: Dark Reign

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Maven... don't know what it means... ask Quarnozian... or look it up.

Biography, History, and/or Background: Lived in Trinsic, chopped wood, made furniture, practiced a little magery. Then they put up stone walls and it got all high and mighty looking... decided it was too stuffy for my taste so I moved out of there and saw the temple one day made of lovely field stone instead of the solid square block contruction I find everywhere else... so I talked to the owner and he agree'd to let me set up shop in there. been there since, but Quarnozian is pestering me to branch out into more hobbies... he calls them "skills"... bah! I just do this because I like it!

Other Notes: Don't expect more notes... you dragged enough out of me already!

</pre><hr />
Name: Lamina

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, estimated to be 22

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 10 stones

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Black

Homeland: Unknown

Current Residence: Dark Reign Temple

Guild/Faction Affiliation: Dark Reign

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Sage

Biography, History, and/or Background: I am afraid I have no idea about my background... my first memories are from waking up in the Temple, and having Noxule care for me as I recovered from some serious injuries. after a few days of being cared for, I met Quarnozian. It turns out the child miner found me injured while mining alongside the mountain near the temple, and left his ore behind to carry me back so that I could be cared for. He's quite strong for a twelve year old.
For now I've decided to join the temple, at least until I recover my memory and find out where I belong. I know I must have belonged to a clan somewhere... from what Quarnozian tells me I'm either a dark elf, or a drow. He admits he has a hard time telling the difference. He says both types typically associate with their own kind mostly... so it's rare that I wouldn't have a clan somewhere that knows me.
For now though, since I don't know where to begin looking, I've decided to just train animals and have them follow me around killing things I point at. I fail to see a reason to do things myself when I can tame a strong animal to do it for me. My only concern is that while I'm stealthily walking about, they sometimes seem to want to go fight things that I would typically ignore. Which reminds me, I guess I was so good at sneaking around that it's pure instinct to me now... I seemed to startle the other temple members a lot because they never knew when I was around.

Other Notes: I am a stealth peace tamer... so I am good help to other tamers, but I can't rez anyone.


Name: Maelwyn Ilvastarr
Gender: male
Age: 28 years
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210#
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Normal human toned
Homeland: Britain
Biography, History, and/or Background: I was born into a small minor noble family of Britain. For generations we have been heavily involved in importing goods from around Sosaria. I wanted for virtually nothing, although to say I was over-indulged would be wrong. From my earliest years I was trained with the sword by on of my father's men at arms, Yrth. A grizzled veteran of many campaigns he was extremely strict with my training. In time, I became enamored of joining the light and becoming a paladin. So at the age of 10, I was sent to train with the Paladins of Trinsic.

My father loved my mother very much. She was very beautiful and her smile lightened up any room. To say that my father doted on her would be an understatement. Yet she was full of kindness and graciousness. I don't think any one could have wished for a better mother.

A few years after I was born she gave my father a beautiful daughter. In my 15th year she brought him another son. She did not make it through the birth. My father was completely devastated and started drinking and gambling heavily. I was called back home from Trinsic when I was 16 because it became so bad. I came back to financial ruin. My father had vanished. All of our retainers had left except for Yrth. My sister was trying to raise my little brother. Debt collectors were knocking on our doors. I had to sell just about everything. I kept one small house and begged Yrth to stay with us. Out of kindness, I think, he accepted.

It has been a long process since then. Yrth has trained my brother in the ways of a warrior. My sister and I have learned the ways of magery. We have struggled to pay off our father's debts. It looks like we are finally out of those woods finally. Now we can re-build our family's legacy once again.

Rambles To Self

Name: Nisiren Oscuro

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 142

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Silver

Skin Color: Peach

Homeland: Trinsic

Current Residence: Britain

Guild/Faction Affiliation: None

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: N.A.

Biography, History, and/or Background: One Fall morn a basket was placed on the doorstep of an ancient wizard. From the basket soon came a cry that brought the old man to his door. He looked down in shock at the baby that had been left with him. He brought the child in promptly, wondering what he’d do with this little ‘bundle of joy’. He’d done such a good job at closing the rest of the world off that there was nowhere he could take the baby. He couldn’t let the poor thing die, yet he had no parenting skills whatsoever.
In the end he kept the child. She grew up a little wild for she spent much time outside, she was fascinated by animals. She was a strong girl, she had many chores, the old mages way of instilling ‘responsibility’. It was an old man being lazy if you asked her side of the story. The wizard had done a good job at raising her, though. She was responsible, smart, kind, healthy, honest, and a quick study of magic.
When his apprentice was sixteen, Adel Nakia died. Old age, Nisiren guessed. After burying her mentor (He always made it clear that he was not her father. He even gave her a different last name from him, though she took his last name as her middle name to honor the man who had meant so much to her.) she decided it best to continue honing her skills abroad and has since been traveling.

Tomoe Gozen

Name: Tomoe Gozen
Gender: Female
Age: I will not admit to a day over 200
Height: 5'10'
Weight: you will never pry this out of me
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: ebony
Homeland: Menzoberranzan
Current Residence: Elen'Mar, Origin Shard
Guild/Faction Affiliation:ElF
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Rank: Emmisary Title: Hunt Coorodinator
Biography, History, and/or Background:

Tatsumi sat by the fire with a large tome in her hand. The evening sun peaked over the mountains behind her new home, it’s last rays casting long shadows over the living room floor. Once again she dipped her pen in the ink well and set the last words down on paper…

Her reflexes were no longer as fast as they once were; the centuries had taken their toll. Taming the wilderness, she began to realize, was now a game for someone much younger. Her mind wandered back to the day she first set foot in Britannia…a rag tag refugee dark elf…in leather armor that was a fourth generation hand me down, and a rusty sword that would be lucky if it could cut through hot butter.

There was a time when she looked back on those days as the “good old days.” Her mind drifted back across the years...She was distracted by a little laugh coming from a basket next to her chair. She looked down, there smiling up at her was a tiny baby. She smiled back at the small child. Tatsumi set down a pen, and bent down to pick up the child in her arms.…suddenly she realized.

These were the ‘good old days.’

A noise that sounded like it was made by the feet of a small heard of ravenous mongbats pulled her out of her reverie. The noise grew louder behind her. Tatsumi turned around. There was the same beaming face, that once smiled up at her from the basket. Now much older.

“Watcha doin’ mommy?”

“Well little one, Tatsumi answered, I am finishing up that book you asked me to write about my life, and the world you grew up in.”

“For me?!”

Tatsumi spread some sand on the last page and blew it off. She closed the cumbersome volume and handed it to her daughter with one hand. The book was even more of a burden for one so small, and the child took the book in both arms.

“Thank you so much mommy.”

The child set her precious treasure down on a nearby table…ever so gently…as if it would break if she dropped it too hard. No sooner had the book hit the surface of the table then she spun around, laughing gleefully, she ran to her mother and jumped into her arms…confident that she could trust mommy to keep catch her and keep her safe… ‘Just like always…’

The little girl plopped down in Tatsumi’s lap. She looked up and noticed one small tear slowly making it’s way down her mother’s left cheek.

“Why are you sad mommy?”

“I’m not sad at all little one.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because, little Tomoe, these are tears of joy. I have fought many battles, long and hard, for treasure….gold, jewels…and I suddenly realized…that YOU…little one…are the GREATEST treasure of all….my ‘pearl of great price.’ I would give up everything for you.”

“But you don’t have to give up anything for me, mommy,’ said little Tomoe, “I’m right here”

“…THAT my little love, is why I am crying…THESE are my ‘good old days.’”

Mother and child sat there watching the fire as the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the mountains.

As the years flew by, Tomoe grew into a tall strong woman. Her mother, Tatsumi, grew in love for her new life, as she grew older. Even elves die. Eventually, her days dwindled down to a precious few. The day finally came when Tatsumi set out on life’s greatest adventure….the after life. ‘Death is but a doorway’ she used to say.

When that day finally came, Tajqa sat on her horse staring back at the stone building that had been her home, now empty, for the last time. She turned her horse and rode off to the waiting ship at the sea shore.

Tajqa set off for a new land…Elen'Mar...

Her home dwindled away, as had its former owner, Tatsumi. The day came when both building and owner were nothing but cold bones in frozen ground. But one thing never dwindled…one thing NEVER died…the love of mother and daughter.


Name: Eateren Deed

Gender: Male

Age: 20s

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 170

Hair Color: grey/white

Eye Color: dark brown

Skin Color: medium dark, almost grey/green in hue

Homeland: Britain

Current Residence: in the forest west of cove, east of britain

Guild/Faction Affiliation: none/looking

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title:

Biography, History, and/or Background:

Eateren Deed, orphaned at a young age, was raised by Britain's Guild of Thieves. There he was trained in the shadow arts and taught to survive on his own.

Eateren gained the favor of his guildmistress early on and was allowed to take part in many of the greatest schemes carried out by the guild, including the great Britain bank heist of 343, the bulk order deed counterfeiting ring that extended from Britain to Luna, and the famed assassination *attempt* of Lord British.

Although Eateren seemed destined to become a guru of his field, he was discontent with a life of petty crime. On his 20th birthday, he dropped his thieving ways in order to pursue a more devious career in murder for hire.

Other Notes:

Although Eateren in in that unsavory business of assassination, he is generally quite friendly. Having left his underworld brethren, Eateren is kinda lost in the real world and needs major help in adjusting to UO life. ( Im a newb


Name: True name is now stricken from the record of the drow

Alias: Mirshann d'Streea

Gender: Female

Age: 225

Race: Drow

Height: 5'7"

Weight: not nice to ask that of a lady =P

Hair Color: Ice white

Eye Color: purplish-green

Skin Color: Ebony

Homeland: The Underdark

Current Residence: Vesper Region

Guild/Faction Affiliation: Bregan D'aerth

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Jabbress d'Bregan

Biography, History, and/or Background: One a daughter of the ranking House Mizzrym in the Underdark City of Mezzoberan, Mirshann was chosen as a Chosen of Lloth and at a ceremony that occurred during the gathering of Matrons whilst the Melee-Magthere occurred, the Chosen of Lloth were given tattoos of "living" spiders and sent to the surface world to do their duties as Lloth deemed. As she made her way to the surface, she heard of things from her previous "patron" and of the disrepair of the band of rogues that was now being lead by a dwarf in his absence. Lloth spoke to her and it was at Lloth's wish that she moved to take over Bregan D'aerth. She is eager to please her goddess.

Other Notes:
Personality: (pardon language) Complete and utter pancake.

Interests: Continuing to be in the favor of Lloth and bringing down the wrath of the gods upon the virtue followers. She has a strong interest in items of power and will go through questionable (by human standards) means to get what she wants.


Name: Desiree Leskro

Gender: Female

Age: 23 (in Human years)

Height: 5'8

Weight: 106

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Lavendar

Homeland: Unknown

Current Residence: Minoc

Guild/Faction Affiliation:

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: none

Biography, History, and/or Background: Desiree is unaware of her past. Almost five years ago, she awoke and was surrounded by people who were unfamiliar to her. They whispered of a great tragedy, but no one would explain to her the events that led to her arrival in the small community of Minoc. A tavern owner named Marcus Steele took her in and and offered her a job working at the tavern. Desiree hopes to one day discover her past...

Other Notes:


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Name: Jasmine Silvers

Alias: The White Witch

Gender: Female

Age: tis not polite to ask a lady her age.

Race: Human

Height: 5'

Weight: not nice to ask that of a lady =P

Hair Color: Bright Red

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Pale white, likened to ivory

Homeland: Vesper

Current Residence: Vesper Region

Guild/Faction Affiliation: n/a

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: n/a

Biography, History, and/or Background: TBA

Other Notes: Widowed

Personality: Stoic, quiet and very withdrawn of late

Interests: All forms of magic. Is exceedingly proficient in magery (120 mage) and highly proficient in Necromancy (110), though she does not consider herself to be evil by using necromancy, as she uses it to defend those around her when things get bad.

A picture of Jasmine

[/ QUOTE ]

Name: Cassandra Darksong

Alias: Cassie Darksong

Gender: Female

Age: 275

Race: Moonelf

Height: 5'3"

Weight: slender, I'd say around 100lbs or so

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: pale white

Homeland: Ilshenar

Current Residence: Vesper Region

Guild/Faction Affiliation: Crescent Moon Auction House

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Manager

Biography, History, and/or Background: TBA

Other Notes: one of three Darksong sisters, twin to Iriador

Personality: Bubbly

Interests: Auctions, Hunting, Speaking with creatures

[/ QUOTE ]

Name: Iriador Darksong

Alias: Iri Darksong

Gender: Female

Age: 275

Race: Moonelf

Height: 5'3"

Weight: slender, I'd say around 100lbs or so

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: pale white

Homeland: Ilshenar

Current Residence: Vesper Region

Guild/Faction Affiliation: n/a

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: n/a

Biography, History, and/or Background: TBA

Other Notes: one of three Darksong sisters, twin to Cassie

Personality: Bubbly

Interests: Hunting, Speaking with creatures

[/ QUOTE ]

Name: Aresia Darksong

Gender: Female

Age: 280

Race: Moonelf

Height: 5'3"

Weight: slender, I'd say around 110lbs or so

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: pale white

Homeland: Ilshenar

Current Residence: Vesper Region

Guild/Faction Affiliation: n/a

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: n/a

Biography, History, and/or Background: TBA

Other Notes: one of three Darksong sisters, eldest of the three

Personality: Distant.

Interests: Playing with bladed weapons. Bladedancer

(pictures for these three would be in the sig ^_^)


Name: Elsgaroth Wander
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 27, I'm a young elf, much to learn
Height: 6' 0"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Dark Blue
Homeland: Woodhaven
Current Residence: Woodhaven
Guild/Faction Affiliation: Royal Britannian Guard, Honor Alliance
Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title: Emissary, King'sRoyal Champion
Biography, History, and/or Background: My father is the Glorious Lord Wealdgard Wander. My brothers are Heleshul, Hisukan, Jérôme, and Canter. I hail from Woodhaven, where I keep to in order to train more. Heleshul is a craftsman of sorts, who mines in Malas a lot. Hisukan is a honest rogue. Most think he is bad and will steal from them, though he only steals from people of bad orientations. Jérôme is a knight of the Holy Realm, and fears no evil for he knows the Holy One is always with him. Myself, why I am a sorcerer who also enjoys talking with animals hoping to form a mutual friendship with them. I offer guidance and friendship to those who need it. I also enjoy to hunt, and I love to kill these dreadful monsters who spawn up right by you.
Other Notes: If anyone has a question or comment please feel free to find me. :)

Ziggy Stardust






Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Dark Red

Skin Color:

The Underdark

Current Residence:
Nomadic, for now

Guild/Faction Affiliation:

Guild/Faction Rank &amp; Title:

Biography, History, and/or Background:
The son of the high priestess of the Underdark in a crystal shard far away from Origin. Benzene was lucky, very lucky, one of the few males in the underdark whose life was never under threat. Blessed by Lolth due to his mother, who was highly favoured by the goddess.

Perhaps it was because of his mother, which stopped him from becoming practically a slave forced to do manual labour, or maybe it was just genes that he was never a warrior by looks. Not exactly frail, but certainly not physically supreme when compared to others. His strength however was less in his brawn and more in his brain. Certainly the sharpest blade in the armoury, inherited from his mother and some say his father, although no-one is truely certain who he was, his father will be explained later. Benzene had a talent for the circles of magic from a young age, he quickly grew in power, power which Lolth loved. But power which rarely saw the dim light of the underdark due his pacifism, usually a sign of weakness according to the drow but Benzene avoided most criticism, or at least no criticism reached his ears. Apart from magic Benzene was truely a jack of all trades, he has not found another talent in himself, or at least one his enjoys enough to pursue. But he's sure that'll come in time. He's a talented talker, always able to talk his way in and out of any situation, hes even been known to dable in talking to animals to varied success. But beyond that Benzene's true talents still lay unearthed.

Enough of Benzene though, to his story. As stated earlier Benzene avoided a lot of the male hardships which drow men suffer, but this did not make him feel above the other males. As he grew in maturity he grew angry with the way men were disregarded as animals and fodder for war. Although he was wise enough to know not to tell anyone of this anger, or at least anyone of importance because his mother's influence had its limits. However, he knew of Lolth's admiration so to speak for him and managed to use this to his advantage. Where Benzene came from Lolth's power was unquestionable, those who Lolth smited died, those who she blessed lived a long and prosperous life. Benzene's father, not known to him, was a powerful person, in all senses of the word. A traveller or so his mother thought, but he was far from it. A mage of the highest order, part of a secret order of mages unknown to the world, bar a few. His power was unquestionable, no-one could outcast him, or outwield him. He was a master swordsman as well. Some say he follows Benzene whereever he goes, offering him hidden support and power, but that is just a rumour. For the record, his name is Dreath.

Benzene, at the age of 15 heard rumours from the elder Drow mages that there were more worlds than the one he was currently living on. Although many thought they were babbling loonies, mages of that power had to be respected. Benzene thought it may be his chance to leave the underdark, for his disillusion of the place was at its peak, his best friend Vicon, a male warrior had just been sacrificed to Lolth for being late to army training. Clearly a punishment which didn't fit the crime. Benzene hoped to use his magical power and the new knowledge as a way to escape his heritage.

Two years passed, Benzene's magical powers were admirable, he was quickly climbing the ranks of the mage order, with each step up he took, Lolth's respect for him increased as did he get closer to escaping. Although one thing which has amazed Benzene to this day is why Lolth took no actions against Benzene. She surely knew his plans, Lolth is part of every Drow's mind, without her a drow suffers a fate worse than death, pure insanity. Yet Benzene was showing no signs of losing his mind, only gaining in clarity of what to do. Soon the day came when Benzene could attempt to flee the Drow. Using his mother's influence he managed to get his hands on all the ingrediants he needed, a magical column for the transportation and many rare reagents like pure white dragon's scales amongst others.

Benzene had practised this moment many times in his dreams, and in a few nightmares as well! He was certainly ready, he stood upon the column, which was covered in the reagents required, the words of power were spoken clearly and he could feel the power flowing through his veins, suddenly it went dark for Benzene. He was in nothingness, space, in time itself. He could see nothing for a while, then a light appeared in the horizon he starts to move towards it. He's still not sure where he was walking, crawling or whatever, he was however just moving. The light continued to get bigger as it came closer, it was actually getting bigger at an alarming rate for Benzene. He flew into the light, and again he could see nothing the light was too bright. He shut his eyes to protect them from the searing white light around him. Then he opened them.

To his surprise he was standing in his normal clothes, with all his bleongings in his bag, just as he left. A smile broke across his face, he could see the sun, the sky and even the sea. Things he'd only heard of back home. He stood outside an inn. Realising that this was his time, he took his first steps towards a new life, without the Drow and Lolth, or so he thought....

Jack Tallow

I'm moving to Origin from my home shard, so figured I might as well post on here, I'll be changing my Stratics posting name as well, but that;s not important......

Tarquin Runesong (Pronounced Tar- KEEN)
Human Male
42 years for RP (Actually, 114 UO years if you wanna get technical)
Black hair, Brown eyes, weathered tan skin
Hails from Vesper
Current Residence: In the market, as it were *smiles*
Guild- Order of the Black Hand
Rank- Overseer (Guild Leader)

Etc Etc Part: Tarquin is a self-contained person, rarely outwardly expressing emotion or interest, while inside he is in turmoil with excitement over anything involving treasure or furthering the causes of the Black Hand. Often appearing nonchalant and aloof to the world, he is a hard man to take at times, and even harder to read and predict. Often he will ignore visitors, going about his tasks idly while they chatter away, all the while listening raptly to every word. However, he can be charming and extremely extroverted if he sees the need to be, mostly for the purpose of personal gain.

His background is by no means extraordinary. No slain parents, no vampiric conversions.... He was born unto an artist (his father) and a tailor (his mother). Raised within Vesper in a life of luxury, a city reknowned for it's artisans, he lived a charmed life as a youth. Free from chores that the rural children were burdened with, he was often found at the docks and taverns, running errands for the townsfolk and visitors to busy himself. As he matured, he moved up from tavern-boy to running numbers for local gamblers, and quickly learned the tradecraft of the cards. His handsome features and well-kept appearance made him the iconic professional gambler. His first blood was drawn at 23 years of age, over a gambling argument (a rigged fighter's tournament, if the stories are to be believed), and word spread quickly of his speed and skill with the sword. Over the years, having been sought out by many a sword-handy do-gooder seeking to carve a name from his hide, his reknown grew and others of the "dark" arts gathered to him. Gamblers, rogues, highwaymen, they sought the handsome gambler from Vesper, later forming the Order of the Black Hand.

His appearance now is changed from his younger days, but the rogue-ish good-looks and charm remain. He bears a tattoo of Aces and Eights across his forearm, and a scar streaks down the right side of his face, earned in some duel from the past no doubt. Starting above the right eyebrow, and stretching almost to his jaw, the scar stands out on his tanned face like a streak of lightning in a midnight sky, leaving the eye miraculously untouched. He wears his long hair pulled back in a ponytail, as he feels no shame at his marking.

Often dressed as a nobleman, he still holds true to his upper-crust roots. Only the finest garb adorns his frame, only the finest wine on his table. He abhors manual labor, seeing anything involving farming as "Sodbusting" and duties for the peasantry. As of late he has become fascinated with Nitemares, and is taking strides to increase hsi learning in the department of Taming. Perhps at 42, he is getting too old for the art of steel-slinger, but only time will tell.