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[Trading] Sonoma rares and arties for Siege....


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Stratics Veteran
Trading all my arties and rares on Sonoma for Siege stuff.

640 877 939 icq...


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
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what ya looking for.... and better yet.... what you got?


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Well...I have a ton of stuff...
Mailbox,coupon for free hairstyling,dragon head, glacial snow, pile of snow, embroided oak leaf cloak,Happy 6th anniversary bags, burglars bandana, 14th anniversary gift tickets,15th anniversary gift tickets(6),
soulstone token, legacy token, transfer token,cloak of silence,sorcerers suits,scrappers compendium, lavender pigment,woodworkers bench,suit of silver armor,, 10 barbed runic kits, 2004 festive cactus,felucia moonstone,3-holiday gift tickets,
bestial suit, bulk order token, willow tree, lamp post,fallen log, hitching post,ancestral gravestone,snow tree,maple tree, armor engraving tool,wooden bookcase, all dying tubs, leurocians mempo fortune(2),bramble coat, soles of providence,
3-swords of prosperity,3-bless deeds,12 anniversary gift ticket,etoile bleue set, home of the hearthfire, chest of sending,ethies-swamp,horse,polar bear, llama,charger and hyrule...plus more.