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Sonoma Guilds


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Please use this thread to list your guild. This will be useful for any new or returning players who are looking to join the community.

The following format is just a recommendation;
Guild Name:
Guild Abbreviation:
Guild Leader:
Guild Playstyle: (RP, Pvp, Pvm, or all)
Recruitment Policy:
Contact Information:
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I asked and got permission;


People Army of Sonoma [PAS]


KingDavid 226595873
And their First Ladies
Violet Jo 371409801
Cinderella 389923721

(Some RP, Some PvP, Mostly PvM,)

You going to be a rookie (Recruit), Guildsman, for a while, which means any member of PAS can boot you if you turn out to be a BAD APPLE! If you prove to be a good person you will be advanced in rank over a period of time. Promotions are not just handed out, you have to earn it, with participating in guild events, assisting new or returning players as much as possible, taking charge and leading events, organizing and running events, this is how one advances in rank within PAS.


PM me here or use my ICQ, I have Permission to recruit with my Emissary status.

PAS meets nightly (8pm CT) in Felucca at the Nujel'm bank. Except on Saturdays. PAS does use Discord for our guild events and that information is shared with all our members and stone allies, (THB, KVP, JAG, OSG, SIW, LOLs, SoN, ArS, H^E, PAE, {DT}, KMG, SSF, CDE, TAX, CFZ).
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Epic Lute Gaming
If Your looking to get back into UO on the Sonoma shard we are a very active Guild to join. Our founder and leader on the Guild is Patrick which goes by Epic Lute Gaming On Twitch and YouTube. He streams on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday. I will share the links at the bottom of the page. Most all members reside just outside the city of Zento near the Makoto - Jima Moongate in Tokuno along with our guild house and vendor house. Like I said we are pretty active and if you also join our discord channel you can pretty much find somebody around most of the time. We go on hunts and help out each other on quests. I you have questions you can leave a message in discord and normally somebody will have so info for you. If you are interested and want to join our guild just message myself (ksfixitman) or Patrick (Epic Lute Gaming) in our discord and we can help you with that or catch up with somebody you see with the EPIC guild above there character in game.

If you wish to check us out you can see Patrick's (Epic Lute Gaming) older Streams and YouTube videos and see what were all about. Fell free to visit at any of the links below.
2022-01-26 09_25_31-EpicLuteGaming - Twitch.png

Epic Lute Gaming (Twitch) Link

Epic Lute Gaming (YouTube) Link

Epic Lute Gaming (Discord) Link