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Sonoma Council Meeting 6-30-19


Crazed Zealot
Drakelord submitted a new Article:

Sonoma Council Meeting 6-30-19

Council Meeting 6-30-19​

Governor of Skara Brae
Governor of Yew (Vacant)
Governor of Britain
Governor of Jhelom

King Blackthorn: Welcome! We have a nice turn out tonight!
Lavendar: Happy to see many governors here!

King Blackthorn: We still don’t have our beloved Brit governor. Tonight as usual we will go about our reports at first then talk about rescheduling the meeting and other happenings. Welcome Clym.
Clym of Clough: Thank you

King Blackthorn: Let us start with New Magincia. What have you to report tonight Sonya?
Dezerai: *looks over her shoulder to the shadows*
Sonya Kristoff: Good Evening Sire. I am...
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