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Something for Fans.


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Not quite sure where to post this, sorry.

Look we are all (most of us) adults here. We know we are playing the best RPG game online. We love whatever you put out, no matter how many death robes we accumulate. But let's face it, we live in the real world to. If we are playing this online game we like nerd stuff too! Can't we get something (item or event) that might reflect somehow with our real world nerdisim? I for one wouldn't mind seeing the Stark Wolf (GOT) sigil or maybe painting something... If it doesn't look like it I'm such a nerd in real world I would display it just because. How about a nice Halloween event over run by zombies? Too early for snow? How about a Gauntlet you can power up??? Or just looks really cool (I'm setting...) I know, I'm not looking at the fine print but my inner nerd told me to ask.