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some suggestions for bug fixes and improvements

Mister Sinister

Stratics Veteran
1. please fix command undead with skeletal dragons:

1.2: while the old issue where they would attack each other, the owner, other players (no matter if in party, guild, alliance etc), summons, pets, etc. after casting wither has been resolved, what remains is the exact same problem with poison strike. The splash damage from poison strike will cause other pets, summons etc. to auto attack the skel dragon.
Please fix this so it will only attack monsters and flagged players.

1.3: it is extremely annoying that the skeletal dragons go poof as soon as you loose connection. Also every once in a while they will not follow you while crossing server lines, dungeon entrances or going through moongates although the all follow me command had been given before, which again leads to them going poof.
A possible fix could be that they should be treated like a bonded pet as long as the necro mastery is active. Once you switch masteries they should immediately go poof again. This would allow for much easier handling of these beasts and less frustration. I still believe that we shouldn't be able to stable them but at least let them log out and back in with us so we don't loose them everytime the AI, the computer, the ISP or the servers are acting up.

2. please give tier 1 and 2 mastery primers some use.
Either let us bind them like powerscrolls, or just make them worth clean up points. Or both! I guess it is too late now to introduce a requirement to eat all levels in order to use all mastery abilities...

3. please let red chars also use the Eodon teleporter crystal.
This is a Siege Perilous specific issue since on Siege reds can go everywhere blues can go. Should be easy to implement...

4. maybe the taming mastery spells could be improved a little. So far I only use consume damage for pvm and wispering for training pets. Berserk and empowerment have not convinced me at all, meaning I have not yet come across any situation where I would use any of them over comsume damage.
Maybe you could change this so they all do the same as consume damage but for other elemental damage types, e.g. berserk consumes fire damage, while empowerment consumes energy damage or something along those lines... (obviously the names don't make sense anymore if implemented)
Or keep the names and make the abilities worth while...give Berserk an area damage effect for example or let empowerment choose what elemental damage the pet will do...

5. for the pet-revamp I'd prefer the imbuing approach over the reforging approach mentioned in the latest newsletter, however I would really like to see something else implemented: allow powerscrolls for pets!
Let us drop powerscrolls on our pets to increase their skillcap. For skills that can go beyond 120 you would still have to find a wild animal with high enough skill so that it would have 120+ after taming, but I would really like to be able to increase my greater dragon's resist magic skill to 120 by feeding him a 120 resist powerscroll.