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Some little and big things I still love about UO:


  • The satisfying lockpicking success sound.
  • The writable books! I’ve always loved having a little library of things I write myself or copy from other players.
  • Dropping 64 different colored scrolls into a spellbook.
  • Coming across a “blessed” area or item on my shard, its original purpose probably long forgotten.
  • That pure excitement and fear I felt the first time I walked from Britain to Minoc. I even made it without a playerkiller spotting me!
  • Sometimes when I come across a Wisp in the woods it says something to me. I swear back in the day they used to respond back to certain keywords like “Blackthorn” or “British.” One day I’ll learn to communicate with them.
  • How creative some people are with the game mechanics. On my shard people play hide and seek, bingo, chutes and ladders, and all sorts of social events not in the game but expressed through other means.
  • There are people still playing who remember people I played with and events from 20 years ago when I was new.
  • Everyone has a favorite city. Think about it for a moment, I bet you could articulate a few reasons why.
  • There are just some things in the game which serve no purpose. I really like that cause I wonder what use they’ll find for them in the future.
  • Even the death mechanic in UO is multipurpose. You can die and race to get back to your body, you can scout areas, you can roleplay as a herald of woe, forcing others to find a way to communicate with you, and more.
  • ”For within each shattered remnant of the jewel dwelled a perfect likeness of Sosaria. Thus is the world in which you were born, live, and die.”
  • There’s an old castle and an empty throne as a monument to those who started the game. But there’s also a new throne and king provided to players. I’ve seen and spoken to him. That we have continuing storylines and investment in roleplaying from the developers should never be taken for granted.
  • In Britannia there is a little outpost on the road from Yew to Minoc, a little less than halfway. It has a stone entrance with a corridor that leads to a barracks and a small island with an archery range. I always peek into it every time I ride by; there’s something inviting about it.
  • Nostalgia is bad because it’s hinged on the twin fallacy that the past was better and we can go back to it (we can’t.) But no matter how many times I’ve left (and I’ve left a lot) and the different way the game evolves while I’m gone, every time I come back it’s like coming home.
Add your own!
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BTW, your little island with the training tower? See how fun it is doing a Trove map next to the archery buttes.

I wish they hadn't closed off the steps to the roof (at least on my shard).


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One of my most favorite joys was watching my dragon fly behind me... I still like to watch them fly... I wish my pets still did.

Visiting and showing newer players and even some old players some of those long lost forgotten places you had to be there to know about... some of those I like to keep secret.

Designing homes... still love that.

The ability to be lost in the world of RP... and forget RL for awhile.

Sometimes to play UO as a rabbit or squirrel and interact with people I don't know and see them RP... even those who claim not to RP...

So much more...


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What a cracking topic!

- When I fill my thermflask up, reminds me of filling potion bottles!
- Moonglow, always had a thing for the city just a general nice place with load of smaller building spread around the island. Always wanted a vendor house outside the gates back in the day.!
- Meeting some random in game who you just click with. No idea of who they are, what they look like but can waffle on about UO over the years.
- Going through certain areas the memories come back of old days, for me when factions first come out it was just bloody amazing. Loved my red/burgundy minax robes, couldn't find enough hours in the day to play.
- Crafting, just loved all of the skills when I started. Just remember think how bloody cool I can make this from that and sell it! Not a fan these days due to the need of spread sheets, but still knock out an old suit just for sh#ts and giggles.

- Most important one - When you read here majority of the time you think heck I wouldn't want to play with SOME of those peeps, but when you meet people in game its totally different. You could go and act like a newb on a new server and you have people tripping over to help you and show you certain parts of the games. More than happy to answer any questions you have, share tips and tricks about skill gain.
99% of players are a very welcoming community in game.


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Above anything else I always enjoyed picking up relatively new players at Haven and just having a great time showing them some basics. Some would call me carebear I think but I love it :D