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Sobering Reality


Word came to the dark elf, Dharzhal, that a battle had taken place. A fey being had led a host of warriors, mages, tamers, and others against someone called simply, The Piper. They had been heavily attacked by warped, twisted, forces of nature: reapers, satyrs, as well as liches and other, unknown creatures. Apparently the Piper was able to confound the host with his melodies and generate other tunes that turned the creatures into a frenzied, lethally hostile, horde under his control. His intentions were as yet unknown and the host finally sent him scurrying for shelter elsewhere, but he left behind relics, flute reeds, that may have impaired his attacks in the future.

Clearly the tome had been part of the Piper's repertoire in collecting his minions and possibly in controlling them. It may have also been the source by which he was summoned into this realm. If so, he was a being unknown to Dharzhal and possibly his kin. Yet maybe he was a dark version of a beneficent being that his kin had deliberately warped to use against their surface cousins, the elves. Either way he was a menace who must be stopped. If he could control creatures he might eventually use them to devastate regions, even towns and cities.

Dharzhal's faith in a benign nature goddess would not permit him to ignore the danger and threat to the realm even if he felt it was not his problem. He considered his options but the sobering reality was that he would have to speak to someone further warning and perhaps journey back into the Underdark to assist in finding more information about the Piper, if there was any, and discover a means to counteract him.

His issue was whom to approach about it. Anthraxas had mentioned talking to one of the governors. The the best solution, however, was to speak to the one to whom he gave a translation of the tome. He remembered the name. Contact was not going to be easy, but it could be done. It would be done.

The Piper's piping had to be stopped. Piper Battle.jpg