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So fun but I have a question


I have never played a bard before and I am kicking myself for it. I have been having the most fun I have had in some time playing this. I have read the sticky threads about training the skills but the thought of sitting on a boat provoking sounds awful. About as boring as taming bulls and lord knows I have had enough of that. At low levels of provocation are grave yards my only options or can someone tell me other wise? This is a new character so my support skills are leveling with them. I dont care how fast I get there as long as I can make a little gold and continue having fun with it while learning the class.


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I would say that using the bard masteries will get you to 120 in each of their respective skills...but if you're looking for gold and adventure during the process i'd refer to the training guide. I just used the masteries to 120 all mine a couple weeks back so I could be fully built and get on with the big baddies.


Stratics Veteran
In answer to your actual question, I don't really know, it depends on what skill level you're at obviously.

However, some things (in no particular order) that may help you on your way, most of these apply to all the Bard skills:
-Buy/eat Powerscrolls as early as you can, fortunately they're absurdly cheap on most shards for the Bard skills, it helps with gains.
-Get Music to 100 and lock it as soon as you can, you can do this just by spamming Last Object with any instrument, this means you won't fail the Music check. You can do this even when you're not hunting.
-Scrolls of Alacrity/Transcendence are probably also fairly cheap for Bard skills. I would make sure if using Alacrity that you are going to use it while purposefully training (i.e. Provoking stuff on a boat) as you want to get the most out of that 15 minutes. Save Transcendence for the end, if you're going to 120 and have a 0.5 scroll use it when you're on 119.5 as gains are slower and harder at higher levels.
-Once you get to 90/90 real skill in Prov/Music you can train exclusively with Bard Mastery Spellsongs, which is infinitely easier and faster than by using the skill, just get a high mana regen suit, and have Med/Focus as high as possible and use Last Spell macro. The Mastery quests for Bards are available in the Bard building at the north most part of west Brit. The quest can be completed easily in the area around New Haven. You get tier 3 upon completion.
-If you're intending to use the Mastery's (which you probably should) then you will want 120/120 real skill. If you're not using the Mastery's you could lock the skills at 90/90 and use jewels to get to 120 just when you need to Provoke things.
-Slayer instruments may allow you to hunt higher level things but may reduce your gains. I would stick to non exceptional instruments while training. Exceptional while hunting. Eventually you'll want a pack containing Iolo's Lute, Gwenno's Harp, Arachnid & Elemental Flutes Of Renewal, you can get a Fey Slayer instrument from the Cleanup Brit system (another reason to do Champion Spawns in Fel dungeons - you will get 10th Anniversary items you can turn in for cleanup points) this will cover all the slayer types - there is no bonus/benefit to specific slayers over super slayers for a Bard, not even with Discord Mastery's, other than saving charges on your ML artifact instruments, an exceptional instrument, and maybe also a Dread Flute (this is basically a non exceptional instrument with renewal charges so it saves charges on your exceptional instruments for when your skill level far exceeds what you're doing, such as working a 1st level Champion Spawn - they're also very cheap.)

If you're bored of graveyards and if your skill level allows you to gain, I would suggest Champion Spawns first level, you could do the ones in Ilshenar or the Dragon Turtle if you're anti-Fel. Otherwise I'd suggest the Fel ones, specifically the one in Deceit which is Undead so the first level is the same as graveyards and it gets checked less often than Despise/Destard.


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Another option would be Blackthorn's dungeon. Lots of different critters there with different skill levels. Looting gold, perhaps gold ore (for your smith or for turn in points), and getting a chance for a minax arti is a nice bonus for hunting.