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SKS Chicken Fight Nights

  • Thread starter Luna Rossa
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Luna Rossa

This has been talked about previously and hope to find out if the interest is still out there.

Please be honest and let me know your thoughts, ideas and/or concerns.

NOTE: This is for Greater Chickens...not Battle Chicken Lizards so that anyone can partake.

The SKS Chicken Fight Night FAQ.

What is the Skeleton Keys Co.Chicken Fight Night?

The SKS Chicken Fight Night is an idea which only purpose is to hold chicken fight events. These events will be public and anyone may enter so long as they follow the rules. The chicken fights would be held in the Battle Arena in Moria with the same rules apply regarding attacking etc.

Why chickens?

It doesn't take any skill to tame a chicken, so anyone can participate this way. Chickens are cool! In the future, we may decided to hold special fight events between other species if there is the interest to do so. However make sure you tame a Greater Chicken at Jhelom Farms.

How much does it cost?

Entry to the Chicken Fight Nights is 100% free with prizeds for the winners.

1. No spells other than In Lor - Night Sight are allowed.
2. You may not attack, or in any other way harm other attendees chicken(s). The only exception is, when two chickens enter “The Arena” for a match. Violation of this rule will cause immediate disqualification from the evening matches. A continued violation will cause permanent disqualification from any future matches at our location.
3. Healing or/and vetting a fighting chicken is prohibited. The fight will go on till only one live chicken is left in the arena. Only the chickens are allowed to do damage to each other. Violation of this rule, commited by one of the owners of the fighting chickens, will disqualifiy him/her.
5. No one and nothing except the fight club announcer and the fighting chickens, may enter The Arena during the fights.
6. There will be a veterinary at the event to resurrect the losers. You may resurrect you own and other chickens if you are able to do so.
7. No chicken may have an offensive name. Follow the ToS and common sense, and you'll be safe.

Tiger Lily

Im one that misunderstood..and thought it was battle chickens. Id like to see enough people to have fun with it.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I also think that this could be a really fun event. It is time to start taming up my chickens!