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Skeleton Key Shipping Company [SKS] Changes

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Skeleton Key Shipping Company [SKS] will be making a few changes to how its setup and run. The SKS will have a guild to reserve the guild name but is changing how it will accept members.

(-)Players will have the option to join the guild by writing "Example, [SKS] Ship name Skeleton Key Shipping Company" in their character profile.

(-)Players will continue to have the option of putting a character into the SKS guild and will be asked to add the above line into their profile.

The SKS is a secondary guild used for RP and fishing tournaments so these changes will allow us to involve more players without them having to leave their current guild.

(-)The SKS Vessel name has been changed to
Example: EVI - SKS Star [Kijustsu Anei Keys]

SKS Vessel Ranks-
Captain, [SKS] Ship Name
Skeleton Key Shipping Company

Chief Mate, [SKS] Ship Name
Skeleton Key Shipping Company

Officer, [SKS] Ship Name
Skeleton Key Shipping Company

Deckhand, [SKS] Ship Name
Skeleton Key Shipping Company

Vessel Types-
General Cargo Vessel carries packaged items like regents, furniture, siege weapons, armor, uniforms, etc.

Tanker Vessel carries oil flasks, explosive liquids, etc.

Multi-Purpose Vessel carries different classes of cargo – ability to be outfitted with cannons or fishing equipment, etc.