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Siege PVP Tournament March 18, 2009

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Stratics Veteran
Date: March 18, 2009
Time: 9PM EST
Place: Kat's TnT Arena
Event: PvP 1v1 Tournament


-No Summons or Pets
-No disarm
-No pots in mage VS mage duels. Otherwise, as many as you can carry.
-No fields, including: explosion potions, conflag potions, Supernovas, etc.
-No use of hide, stealth, smoke bombs, or invisibility.
-No pre-poisoned weapons.
-No pre-casting of any kind. Meaning explosions, forms, leeche's, etc.
-No protection.
-No changing of templates between duels.
-Forms are alright, so long cast during the fight.
-You may loot, or choose not to. Gentleman's agreements are always allowed, but realize this is a battle, and to the victor the spoils can go if he so chooses.
Rules may be amended at any time leading up to the tournament.

To signify you are the greatest PvPer, Felstead the once great champion of gladiator PvP will relinquish to you his sandals, which the gods themselves have inscribed specifically for this event:
Not open for further replies.