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Siege Ironman Challenge April 9th 3pm Eastern

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Saturday 9th April, 3pm Eastern [8pm UK]

Siegers are a hardy breed, but only the toughest of them should consider entering this gruelling triathlon across the breadth of Britannia. Prizes will be awarded to the first male and female across the finishing line as well as the first finisher from NEW and from outside North America.

The contest is open to all fit humans and elves only, as such pursuits belong not to the temperament of gargoyles. However, gargoyles make excellent officials and any wishing to assist in the organization should please contact me.

The meeting point for the contest will be the Skara Brae Community Centre, just east of the bank. Sign-up for the event officially begins at 2.45pm Eastern and contestants should ensure they arrive in good time as entry cannot be guaranteed after 3pm.

Entry Requirements:

Only humans and elves may enter the event.

Clothing worn must be suitable for an athletic endeavour such as this. Permissible items are shirts (plain, short-sleeved ones), doublets, short pants and bandanas. Women may also choose from gym skirts and leotards (female leather skirt/armour bought from an NPC). Footwear, if worn, must be shoes or sandals - no boots.

No jewels or hand-held items may be equipped.

Contestants must empty their packs of all possessions. The only exception is one stack of refresh potions and either one stack of bandages or one stack of healing potions. In addition, please bring with you an old-style boat (no High Seas ships) if you own one.

Unless you are intimately familiar with Britannian geography, you should ensure you have some kind of mapping program (UOAM, UO Cartographer) available to you. You may also want to have paper and pencil handy to make a couple of notes.

Contestants who are members of a faction may not utilize monster ignore at any time during the event.
Not open for further replies.