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Ship gone for good?


Have played off/on since 2001...logged in yesterday for 1st time in cpl. years, subscription expired ages ago, etc. -- I had a 'Britannia Boat' (Lg. Galleon I got through event or reward, but don't remember details) anchored in water next to house, and was under the assumption it would be returned to inventory as 'dry-docked' if I were to allow it to decay by being absent for extended period of time from the game...am I wrong?

Searched through all 5 characters' inventories and bank boxes and do not see it anywhere. I knew the house and everything in it would be gone because I had not played for so long, but thought the ship would still be stored.

I've not reactivated the subscription yet, and when I logged in my account is part of the 'Endless Journey' thing, which from my reading is the free-to-play version (new thing since I last played)...it seems that due to restrictions on 'free-to-play' accounts I cannot remove anything currently from my bank-boxes because the item counts are way over the 'free-to-play' limits...is only way to access those bank-boxes via reactivating the subscription?

Thank you for your time and assistance.


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All ships decay completely away - they always have. The only exception would be with a lighthouse in your house, with the ship linked, and you'd STILL have to have the house/lighthouse placed to get it back.

As for the bank boxes, I can't remember if there's a way to get some of it out. The vaults are something you can rent and have shared storage between all the characters, and of course gold is now not an item in the banks anymore.


Thank you for reply and information. Last time I quit playing for awhile I found the ship 'dry-docked' in my inventory...but most likely I put it there before leaving, and when I returned this time my thought process probably went along the lines of: "...why's it not in my inventory, it was last time...?" 60-plus years old and have played so many games in past 30-years they get jumbled together, rattling around in my semi-empty head, ha-ha.