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Server Downtime/Weekly Update Reminders


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Stratics Legend
Just a couple quick reminders...

Server downtime tomorrow, July 9th from 4am until 8am PDT
"All Vanguard servers will be brought down tomorrow morning at 4:00 am PDT (13h:00 CET) for their weekly restart. During this time, we will also be completing character copies to the Test server and performing some scheduled maintenance. The downtime shouldn't exceed four hours, with the servers up and ready for play by 8:00 am PDT."​

Game Updates July 2nd
- Quests - Players should once again be able to get the keys for quests in Trickster's Haven
- Quests - Movin' on Up - Vials of Corruption and Living Flames should once again be dropping. Players who currently have the quest will need to abandon it and re-accept it.
- Coding - Adjusted garbage collection frequency, this should result in less visual flashing
- Coding -Tombstones should no longer form under the world
- Bard Invis - We are working on addressing the issue and in the meantime we have a simple work around. The issue only occurs when invis songs are combined with song components that have certain properties, notably pulsing effects. If invis components are used within a song that does not contain one of these then the invis will land normally on your group members. So experiment with your song layouts. It is confirmed, for example, that combining March of the Mire with invis components does work for the group.​

Thank for keeping us updated Ellyra! :D