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Sept 6 Update Bugs


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
1) Ok, most of the errors so far seem to be about graphic models. Some of the armors are missing, so if you are stuck, under the world, in the air, or are invisible or a box....try taking off all your armor to start with. This may cause you to die if you are stuck, but you should be able to see yourself again. Then rotate your armor around until you find the offending piece. Please tell us which peices of armor are causing the problem in a replay.
-Moldy Ancient Gloves
-Quality Sword
-Basic Gloves
-Quality Boots

2) Some of the NPCs are missing. So far I see Jack, Hulon and Gisli are missing in Serbule. I will update this list as I go.
-Mushroom Jack
-Hulon the Hoarder
-Gisli (both)
-Fletching Trainer
-Meditation/Mentalism Trainer
-guy in the training dummy room
-staff trainer
-The guy at "enter the light"

3) Some folks are dying when they teleport between lands. If you find out what peice of armor is causing the error, try teleporting without it.

And as always, bug everything!
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Stratics Veteran
After some quick testing with the nice Ratero and Rikter I found out that your character also refuses to render correctly to others (you are invisble). For me the sign was that every single armor and weapon skin did not show up on my own body. My body itself did, but not according to other clients.

When removing my leather ancient armor pieces (shirt, shoes) this corrected the issue and also showed up the metal armor pieces and weapons I wore (pants, helmet, sword, bow). However switching back to those exact same leather armor pieces did not render me invisible again. Also this did not corrected the issue of only showing my metal armor pieces. Changing armor at all seems to have no effect anymore; still visible, still with only the metal armor pieces as skins. So I was not able to replicate this sadly enough. Attached a screenshot of me wearing armor without the skins showing.

The exact armor pieces that fixed the invisibility issue were;
- Comfortable Ancient Shirt (leather)
- Moldy Ancient Shoes (leather)

The metal armor I wore aside that;
- Comfortable Ancient Helm (metal)
- General Lawryr's Pants (metal)

- Old Worn Bow
- Moldy Ancient Sword

Hope it helps the people that are invisble!

ps. I'm a newbie to both the game and forum so please forgive me if I do anything wrong! I also used the in-game bug function to report everything related to this bug.



Stratics Veteran
Just confirmed that the following armor pieces forces your character to become a nice white box in black space on a relog;
- Comfortable Ancient Shirt (leather)
- Moldy Ancient Shirt (leather)
- Comfortable Ancient Pants (leather)
- Moldy Ancient Pants (leather)
- Basic Pants of Angst Fists (metal)

It seems to be restricted to Pants and Shirts since it did not happen with any Helmets. Shoes or Necklaces. However not specifically to the Ancient leather armor sets! I don't know how the Basic Pants of Angst Fists looks like tho, so it could still be restricted to the specific skin of Ancient leather armor.

I also noticed that when your character does not load on character selection you have one of the armor pieces on that cause this problem.

Also when I removed the armor while being a white box I received exactly the same amount of damage to health as the armor value (w/e its name is) I had at the time of taking of the armor (replicated 18 times). I also took 1/3 of the damage to health as armor damage. This is however, only when you have more armor than 1/3 of the damage then you take. If you have less armor you WILL receive more damage, I could not figure out if their was some constant behind this.

If you die because of this damage you will die by fall damage (replicated 3 times).
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Stratics Veteran
Load in and immediately go back to the loading screen.

Kind of like what happened when I was stuck in Kur tower again.


Stratics Veteran
I still can't log in. Admin cloned me yesterday, said it was a bug with cows and it was going to be fixed with today's tweaks/bugfixes.

Just tried and now it's only slightly different....I see a splash screen, I log in to a bright white screen (as if I'm loading into game) and then I flash back to the loading screen.

Need an unstuck somehow, please. Really no desire to play any other character besides Cowinator.