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[Selling] SELLING Some Vet Rewards!!! [email protected]@K! >>


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Greetings Selling the Following items -
Sewing Machine 65 Mil (holds 5000 charges animates when turned on)
Smithy Press 65 Mil (holds 5000 charges animates when turned on)
Ethy Boura -40 Mil OBO
Exodus Vet Statue-50 Mil
Navrey Vet Statue-40 Mil
Fire Ant Vet Statue-45 Mil
Tera Matriarch Vet Statue-40 Mil
Virtuebane Vet Statue-40 Mil

Skull Rug-40 Mil
Dolphin Rug-40 Mil
Rose Rug-40 Mil
Ankh of Sacrifice-35 Mil
9th year banner-30 Mil
Gadgetry Table-45 Mil
Davies Locker-45 Mil

Chaos Banner-30 Mil
Order Banner-25 Mil

All items Open to counter offers or trade offers thanks for Looking!!! my ice is 683696149

I am looking for the following items---

Veteran Cloak Ice Green
Singing Ball of Bedlam
Singing Ball of Drunken Woman
White Lava Waterfalls
White Lava Tiles
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