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Selling Old School Spell Charge Jewels/Gear


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Selling this collection of old school jewels/gear. I am not and will not sell these individually so don't bother asking. This is a bulk sale for everything listed.

4 Rings w/32 Teleport Charges(total)
1 Ring w/40 Invisibility Charges
3 Bracelets w/44 Invisibility Charges(total)
1 Neckless w/56 Invisibility Charges
1 Neckless w/15 Nightsight Charges
2 Neckless w/112 Spell reflect Charges(total)
1 Platemail Arms w/29 Agility Charges Self Repair 1 Dex 10 7/5/4/5/4
1 Studded Sleeves w/33 Spell Reflect Charges 2/4/3/3/4
1 Wide-Brim hat w/8 Invisibilty Charges 0/5/9/5/5
1 Tricorne Hat w/30 Invisibility Charges 0/5/9/5/5
2 Tribal Masks w/138 Night Sight Charges(total) 6/9/0/4/5
1 Tribal Mask w/99 Spell Reflect Charges 6/9/0/4/5
1 Tribal Mask w/88 Bless Charges 10Str 10Dex 10Int 6/9/0/4/5

Please pm me with offer or post here. Accepting gold only no trades or rl money. Cannot transfer these so have to pick up on Chessy. Not even sure if they can be transfered. Thanks in advance for any offers or just for looking.


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bump. Noone wants this stuff? Teleport ring can still be used without equiping them. Not sure about the spell reflection stuff. But I did notice it didn't lower my physical resist when equipped nor lowered my cast time.