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[Selling] Selling goodies


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ICQ: 123172317

1. All Ethy's, Grizzled Mare, Charger 35 mil each. First come first serve. With the new IDOC rules, these items will only shoot up over time. Get them cheap while you can.
2. Complete 2010 fireworks staff, statue, vase set (10 years old) - Package offer icq me. All with full charges never used.
3. very very old potted plants and actual deeds! - icq for individual offers or sets
4. The rarest xmas cookie from EM Ziv - Arrirang. If you collect them you know how rare this is. He only created a few back then. ICQ offers (SOLD)

All items on Atlantic


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Manticore, could I get the hue for that cookie? Looks like a different hue from the 4 I know of