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Server Birth Selling and/or Trading Server Birth and EM Items

Ruby Knight

Seasoned Veteran
I have a few rares I am no longer interested in having in my collection. I am looking for a few items in trade or will sell these items for gold. All items are on Atlantic. ICQ to discuss pricing and possible trades. List of what I am looking for in trade after list of what I have.


1. Server Birth Covered Chair x2
SOLD 2. Server Birth Pot
SOLD 3. Server Birth Frypan
4. Server Birth Bloody Water
SOLD 5. Server Birth Tarot
6. Server Birth Connected Liquor Bottles
7. Happy 6th Anniversary Spellbook
8. EM Item Snake In the Grass
9. Good Samaritan Of Britannia Robe
10. Christmas Carols
11. Catskills Frostfine Ale
12. Origin's Ale Of The Ages
13. Rotgut Wine
14. The Cause Of The Dying Trees An Oozing Mushroom
15. A Flask Containing The Cure To The Withering Tree Disease
Not Pictured
SOLD X4 16. A Winged Helm Engraved With The Scales Of Justice, Ranger Armor x4

What I am Looking for in Trade:
Cards Facing this Direction
2. Rugged Leather Ranger Boots x1
3. Server Birth 2 Piece Scaffold
4. Server Birth 4 Connected Cannon Balls
5. Server Birth 4 Connected Wine Bottles
6. Rubble Firepit and Fire
7. Server Birth Stacked Boards
8. Server Birth Wood Curls
9. Server Birth Dirty Pots:

10. Server Birth Pots:

11. Server Birth Small Paintings/Portraits
12. Server Birth Hanging Armor All Types
13. EM Hanging Armor (Have some Need Others)
14. Gold Chessboard
15. Rare Foods
16. Rare Pub Related Items
17. Rare Crafting Related Items
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