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Santa spotted in Minoc, tells of Kris Kringle at Elven Song with gifts!

Inkboy the Wild

Stratics Veteran
Lady Xereux and I had heard tales that Kris Kringle and/or Santa Claus himself had made a visit to the Realm. Today, in Minoc, I had the pleasure of meeting with Santa Claus at the bank and was informed that Kris Kringle (who knew they were different, yet related, individuals?) is indeed staying at the Elven Song Tavern, in Luna - as an outreach for Minoc.

It appears he has taken up station on roof top and will be giving out gifts until the 26th when he and Santa Claus depart from the realm!

Be sure to visit and meet with you, to get your gift!

The Elven Song Tavern can be found by leaving Luna's North gate and running straight towards the mountain. It is located directly to the left of the Community Center.