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Samurai plate


Seasoned Veteran
Is samurai plate any different from normal plate ?

does it give the same lmc non med benefit and stamina protection?

i ask because it seems easier to get refinements for that type of plate.


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Samurai Platemail that is crafted Exceptional, is automatically given Mage Armor property. If it's Mage Armor, it doesn't provide the innate LMC or Stam Protection bonus. You can remove the Mage Armor property from it at a Mage Guildmaster for 250k.

Legendary Samurai Platemail, is incredibly difficult to find. What's even more rare (damn near non-existent), is Legendary Dragon Plate, which can only be found in Malas Warrior maps.
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