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Sampire build help


I need some advice on my Sampire build. Im only just returning to UO so trying to get my head around things. I have started building my own Sampire and need some on advice my current set is

120 Swords
100 Necro
100 Tactics
100 Parry
100 Anatomy (Can swap out with 100 Resist if needed)
95 Bushido (will take to 120)
60 Chivalry

Its a work in progress but im not sure if i should stick with 100 parry and take Chiv up to 80 or should i prioritize Parry to 120?

In terms of my stats i have as follows

Str 125
Dex 121
Int 12

Are these ok or should i refine a little further? In terms of gear im building my suit and i have 70 resits in all except fire is 47 and energy is 65, i need to get these higher but i really do know what i should be buying/trying to find in terms of gear. Like i say im trying to get my head around the game again and its a lot to take in so if someone could please advice me i would appreciate it.


Lately the trend is to take chiv over parry, You can take parry as low as 60 and still do very well. You don't *have* to go gm+ with chiv, but many of the important spells are now dependent on skill level. the damage bonus fron Enemy of One, for example, scales with chiv skill. The bonus damage modifier from consecrate weapon does, also.

The rest of the skills look good, although many prefer 120 tactics. Your stats also look fine, just make sure you have enough +stam on your suit to keep your swings at 1.25 with your weapon of choice.

just about every other thread below concerns building a sampire, so you have plenty of research material to browse through. 2 important reads i recommend are the Modern Sampire thread and Zero Sampire to bring you up to speed.


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Do you have a crafter/Imbuer?

If you do, I'd suggest hunting the Mini-Champion Spawns in the Stygian Abyss dungeon. As these are a good level for unfinished sampires and will make it cheaper to Imbue if you collect ingredients.

Otherwise I'd suggest doing Felucca Champion Spawns, again there's a range of levels which will help you skill up, if you do them in dungeon you get anniversary drops, and Scrolls of Transcendence just while working. If you get the champion dead at the end without losing it to a raid you'll potentially get scrolls to finish off the build, or sell, some have prices through the roof because they can now be used on pets.

I'd go Chivalry (90) and Parry (60) as above and try to 120 Tactics, Anatomy and Bushido.

Stats depend on suit.

Prioritise physical, fire, energy resist.


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Search this forum for my VvV sampire build, its cheap and very powerfull :)
Chiv is in my book pretty useless on a sampire, unless the stuff you want to kill dosen't have a slayer, or you are in a party and have to fight to get honor.
Adding 120 tact, 120 ana, 120 bush is a waste of gold, spend the gold you have on a suit/weapons.