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[Selling] (Sale) Returning vet needs to clear out bank space


Stratics Veteran
Returning 14-year vet needs to clear out bank space. Everything must go. Find the item selling (before this post) or recently sold elsewhere in game or on forums and I'll beat that price by 10%. Can deliver goods on ATL or LS.
  • Dread spider statue
  • Tattered ancient mummy wrappings
  • Holiday timepiece
  • Tokuno pigments
  • Ask and be answered crystal ball
  • Valentines - miscellaneous (inquire/pm if interested)
  • 14th anniversary tickets
  • 13th anniversary tickets
  • 12th anniversary tickets
  • Holiday tickets
  • Halloween - miscellaneous (inquire/pm if interested)
  • Holiday - miscellaneous (inquire/pm if interested)
  • Orc invasion event - orcish bow, tribal masks, orcish kin mask, evil orc helm, etc.
  • Bloody sash
  • EM Valentines bears
  • Aegis of grace (circlet)
  • Sign of chaos/order shield
  • Chaos shield, Vesper replica
  • Guantlets of anger replica
  • Hat of the magi
  • Pendant of the magi
  • Stormgrip
  • Bestial suits, human/elf and gargoyle
  • Guantlets of virtue bane
  • Ophidian knight, mage, warrior statues
  • Cloaks of life
  • Cloaks of power
  • Cloaks of death
  • Cloak of silence
  • Necromancer shroud replica
  • Dark gray robe, 4th yr vet reward
  • Jade snake head trinket
  • Frostguard trinket
  • Ari robe replica
  • Shroud of shadows
  • Shroud of the condemned
  • Cloak of corruption
  • Ironwood composite bows
  • Wall of hungry mouths
  • Warded demonbone bracers
  • Horselord bow
  • Certificates of capture - "Slime hunter" title ticket
  • Cloak of augmentation
  • Ranger armor sets
  • Demon bone armor set (red)
  • Virtue armor set w/ cloak
  • Bugged sigil-colored war fork
  • Cloak of rejuvenation
  • EM demon mask
  • Harvest wine 2009
  • Joannas hangover remedy
  • 300th anniversary bag
  • Evil clown mask
  • Jackals collar
  • Riccardo's lantern
  • +20 stat scrolls
  • +25 stat scroll
  • 120 eval intelligence
  • 120 mace fighting
  • 120 myst
  • 120 resist