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Saints of Britainnia (Chessapeake) mourn the loss of one of our own :(



This was sent to me on icq concerning one of my guildmates on Chesapeake shard: (She died 8-11-07)

Hello all. This is Steve again. Hilda/Tedra/a-bunch-of-other-character-names (at least 3 different accounts) has passed away.
Portia was diagnosed with bone cancer about a month or two ago, after being injured while at home. She was being cared for by her son for the past 3 weeks or so. Portia had passed suddenly, and without pain.

Portia was a really good friend of mine, whom I meet while working at a local computer store. She had taken her computer in for repair, and we hit it off immediately. She continued to return to the store, and I had even made a few unauthorized house visits. We soon became real good friends, even though there was a 40+ year difference in age between us.

I do want to let you all know a little background on Portia's Ultima Online addiction

During my military stay in 1999, I ran across a game box at my local store on base. The game was Ultima Online, the Second Age. I purchased this game to play, not knowing it was an online game WITH A MONTHLY FEE! Inside this box, came a CD with a free 30 day trial. I decided to try this game out for 30 days since I had already paid for it and couldn't return it. I returned home from the military with a new addiction. UO.

I reunited quickly with Portia. I was her personal friend and resident computer geek. I told her about this new game I've been playing called Ultima Online. She quickly asked me to burn her a copy so she could play it.

After telling her that this was an online game and that she would have to purchase a copy herself to play, she quickly went online and purchased it.

A few day's later, she called me up and asked me to show her how to play this new fangled game. This was not as easy to learn as some of the other single player role-playing games she has tried. After spending HOURS at her house showing her how to walk around town, I finally left her house now completely worried about the future of Britannia.

Fast forward a few years and guilds later... Portia had actually told me about this guild called the Saints. I had since quit UO for a few months, as the bills had started to pile up. She of course offered to give me one of her accounts, as she still would have 3 others. She had told me about a bunch of good people who played in this guild and how it was not like the others she had played in. This guild she spoke of was not a war fighting guild, nor a bunch of rag-tag groups who wandered around each doing their own thing. She talked about dungeon raids, meetings held with each other, and a great sense of loyalty that the guild had shown to their members.

These are not my words. This is actually what she told me. Portia was very proud of the time she got to play with the Saints. She enjoyed playing with each of her fellow guild mates. I thought I should let you all know that you were online friends that she not only mentioned, but truly cared about in real life.

In closing, I would like to thank you all for being a friend to Portia. She truly treasured the time she spent with you all. You brought her a lot of pleasure and joy, even after just being killed by a gang of Reds.

Portia Harley's friend
-Steve Way

God speed dear friend. You were one of the best who truly embodied the values of the Saints. You are missed sorely by all who knew you.


I just got the news from a fellow friend and this shocked me. I didn't know portia personally, but I knew her during my time on ultima online on chesapeake. She was like a town favorite, nobody really messed with her or called her names, she was a good person. I'm still having a hard time trying to accept this statement...I even checked her myspace which said she last logged on sept 12? I dunno..

KA aka King Astaroth