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Babbling Loonie
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Built a couple houses on Siege. I wanted to show them off here.

The first is a small roadhouse on the road just outside Trinsic, near Dupre's camp. The establishment is meant to be a neutral aligned, somewhat shadier tavern and smuggling point that lies in contrast to the much more austere City of Paladins.

The second is an evil aligned tower located inside the fence at Vesper Graveyard. It's based on the design of a small stone workshop, one that has been beaten down and fallen apart over the years. The first floor is to be a tomb, and the second, I hope to use as a place to collect magical and evil-aligned player lore.

I plan to make both of these locations accessible to BRPA and allied roleplayers who want to create an alt on Siege Perilous and need a place to store their things and maybe a place to log out. Blood Raven's Crypt, in addition to being a good access point to T2A, is a good training ground for players between 60-80 melee skill, while the Solen Tunnels and Painted Caves near the Roadhouse are good training for people between 80-110.

What I could use, since this is a fresh character, is any old tokens or holiday items you haven't traded. I can also trade items of equal value or cash on Baja, Atlantic and Chesapeake.
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