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Sadistic is Recruiting (U.S. Destruction Guild)



Who is Sadistic?

We are a group of friends from RL and online, we have been together for about 7-8 years (Under the guild name Sadistic for 3-4 years) we have played many games together such as: DAoC, SWG, WoW, and more recently AoC (which none of us really like, but hey it will hold us off til WAR launches).

Sadistic has always believed in fun, making sure all our guildies are happy and enjoying their time with us is always a first priority, second priority is making sure all our members as well as the guild itself is making steady progression.

What are we looking for in a recruit?

Sadistic wants anyone and everyone who is mature, fun loving, outgoing, patient understanding, and is respectful toward their guildies.

We want people who have regular game schedules, we do not want inactive members, any who apply for Sadistic should have the will to progress, this being a heavily RvR based game you must have a competitive edge and want to succeed and be number one.

Other recruitment requirements.

Must be 18+ and mature.
Must have a mic and vent.
Must check the forums on a regular basis.
must have previous endgame and PvP experiance in a MMO.
Sadistics Officers.

Doppelganger- GM

Oryon- Officer

Chud- Officer

Ryezen- Assistant Officer

DeathDoctor- Assistant Officer

Cunningham- Assistant Officer

If you have any questions regaurding Sadistic please pm us on guildlaunch or post your questions here.

Thank you so much for your interest in our guild and please apply HERE!