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"Sachi's Hinamatsuri Day" report


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Story http://uo2.stratics.com/posts/27357

Chourou the old guy and Sachi wanted to buy female kimono for Sachi.
However.kimono was not sold at the store.
Some player give kimono,so it was very much pleased with Sachi.
And he told Sachi,the doll was presented from parents.
He show it ,and....
The doll?! they are robots!!
ANd we back Chourou's house.
She mad,becouse she want dall.....and run away.
We and robots went her for search.
We looking for her,but she was in the sea.
We couldn't rescue, robot rescue her!
But robot is machine ,they weak for water.
They broke and exploded.
She repented and back house.
She wanted to see dolls for the Girls' Festival,so she dont know that dolls.
Some player made dolls for the Girls' Festival,she happy.