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[Sold] S13 Rares for Sale


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Season 13 (2015) EM rares currently for sale
icq 442212126 to discuss an item (for sake of keeping clean thread, pls keep all offers / interest to pm or icq)
all items located on atlantic - can accept gold on Atlc or GL

A Portrait Depicting a Young Girl Harvesting Flowers from a Vibrant Garden 450m sold

Trapped in the Shell Lies a Moment Lost from the Time but Captured Within - 175m sold

A Glorious Winged Steed Descending From the Aether - 400m
(direction can be turned)
1winged steed.png

A Crystal Taken From A Spider's Lair - 350m
1spider crystal.png

An Antique Vase Filled with the Wine of Compassion - 500m sold
1Antique Vase.png

Severed Head of a Tormented Wyrm - 225m sold
1tormented wyrm.png

A Ruby Encrusted Sosarian Globe Rewarded For Valor In Defense Of The King Of Britannia - 350m sold
Atlantic ~15
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Older Event items, server birth, etc.

Well Used Sewer Slickers (4) 400m sold

Rubble - 100m
100 stones (ghost color)
rare west corner to the circle
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Lord Nabin

High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria
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I'd do 200 mil on the flame of truth


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closing out this thread as the majority of items have been sold.