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[Suggestion] [s]. Factions, Fashion, and Fashion in Factions! As well as a few other ideas...


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I realize these suggestions will not bring hordes of people back into factions, but just a few suggestions to improve this very outdated system! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any/all feedback negative or positive! :thumbup1: I think a faction point reset needs to be in store, I recently x-fered to Great Lakes, and need a couple billion points to wear any gear, sure, one or two kills would get me that, but not when I can't wear anything for armor, and I didn't bring anything with me except soulstones.

Faction Bases

Faction Bases are fine, except for a few minor bugs inside the bases. Although, I would like to see the Minax base brought back to it's original spot in Papua.

Whether there's new factions or not though, I do not want to see two faction monoliths in the bases to defend.

Faction Crafting

One of the best factions ideas, but way outdated! Any feedback again will be welcomed! These are the ideas that I came up with, but before we get started, I just want people to be clear of what the factions colors are and what they look like worn.

Council Of Mages

Followers Of Minax

Shadow Lords

True Britannians

At this point in time faction items only last two weeks (I believe) before they "expire" and return to it's normal state/hue. I don't see why they can't stay factionized forever? I think this would defiantly help bring back a dead system. I have tried imbuing a blank factioned item, with no success and got the "Blessed item's cannot be imbued" message. Which is good and bad.

Good because, I believe if faction items stay blessed, people would actually go out and buy runics again for a chance of a leet blessed weapon, thus being a new gold sink. Bad because people might not care and stay with there godly imbued armor.

I'd also like the faction level requrement taken off of faction items. I don't know the exact number, but the CL can wear a total of 9 items, while level one can wear 3 (Again, I don't know the exact number, been way to long lol!). If we keep it the same way it is now, It'd just be a good excuse for the non-pvpers who only do factions for the items to horde even more points.

It'd like to also see faction items be worn by that faction only (Armor made by TB, wearable by TB only, Minax by Minax only etc.). With a faction cost of silver to convert it from TB to Minax? In case someone decides Minax would be more suited for them (When converted it changes color to Minax's Primary faction color). Being able to convert faction armor to regular armor, but once converted out of factions, it can't be converted back, while having non-crafted faction armor converted in (EXCLUDING imbued armor), and once reconverted out can't be reconverted back in, if that makes sense.

Anyone think it'd be worth trying?! I believe I'm going to lose some of you guys here though....

Faction Armor right now is dyeable with neon etc... This is factions, you should represent it by wearing your faction colors.... Make this crafting system not dyeable (Excluding the Primary/Secondary faction colors). As a new reward have Faction dyes available via silver only that only works on your factions armor. Don't let TB's dyes work on Shadow Lords armor etc. Let the dyes be the factions Primary and Secondary color, in case someone crafted a Red Mempo for example, and decided they wanted to switch it to Minax's secondary color.

Factions at the moment is all about reward, when it started it was all about fun. I believe this would spark a little interest and bring back faction crafting! Any other suggestions/ideas? Comments?

Faction Guards

I am not to big on getting these "Enhanced" like mentioned in the faction thread. These are annoying enough. What does need to be changed I think though is faction guards not curing themselves... They'll heal themselves but once poisoned and low on health, they'll continually cast GH without any success.

I'd also like the see Faction guards being made "Unharmed" to blues as well as players in the same faction (Regina that runs around at TB base entrance for example). I have seen it many times going into a fel town to see blues on there tamers whacking away at faction guards, or even players in the same faction killing there own guards. Sure, all you have to do now is call guards, this faction guard killing mostly took place during the time there weren't regular guards inside of towns. While guards in town zone are back, there isn't someone always there to call guards on these people.

Faction PvP Changes

I know this has been stated many times, and disagreed with by the majority, but I am 100% support of allowing faction pvp outside of Felucca. Why? Point Hoarders.

Faction Rewards

I really loved the Veteran Reward Banners for Order/Chaos, they've brought back lots of memories and good decorations.

I'd like to see the faction sell there own banner as a reward for silver. TB sell a TB banner, minax sells minax etc. Have the banners mark there "Stamp" on them. CoM banner the spellbook, Minax that crow, TB the cross, SL I want to say upside down bat face? (LOL) better pictures here ;p http://town.uo.com/factions/

Faction War Horses

War horses are one of my favorite rewards of factions! I'm just curious as to why each faction has a primary and secondary faction "color" and we're only allowed the primary? Except for the Shadow Lords. I'd like to see a choice between both of the faction colors for all the factions.

I don't think many people would like this part of my idea though, but also expanding the choices beyond a War "Horse" maybe a War Llama, Unicorn, Ki-rin etc. with war horse stats/skills and not capable of the faction versions to use magery/etc. Basically different look, same idea.

New Factions

Factions are in for a major revamp, personally, I'd like for them to stay the way they are... Maybe keeping the classic four (Followers Of Minax, Council Of Mages, Shadow Lords, and True Britannians) and add the three new ones as well? People will argue that adding more will bring on less "Epic" faction fights like in the old days. Truth of the matter is, I don't think there's one shard that their entire faction co-operate with each other "like in the old days" I believe this way will cause less grieving. Would I like factions to co-operate and aim for the same goal? Of course, but Ultima Online's pvp community isn't quite the same anymore.

I believe that's all I have for factions for now! One other thing I'd like to see changed though are wands being able to be recharged. With the ability to imbue weapons, wands are one of my favorites, but when the charges run out, it becomes pretty useless. While there's Planeswords with 50 Hitspell due to a bug, and double hit spell bows, I think wand mages deserve this at the very least? Please!


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Agreed, though Minax couldn't go back to the Lost Lands with the current recall rules in place. I think the current bases are, for the most part, okay...with some minor changes put in place. Truthfully, I felt they were more even before the most recent base zone and guard changes.

Minax is now harder than ever to get into, since the entire mountain pass is now part of their base zone. Its the Alamo inside a mountain with a long, thin entrance.

SL base has always been buggy as heck...revealing stealthers through multiple floors (no z-axis boundary), the old e-field exploit (which has since been fixed), and the ability to stack fields on the stairs to block off in what is a fairly invulnerable defense from raiders. This faction is outdated, I wouldn't object if it were removed completely.

CoM base is hell to defend. Always has been. Give the poor bastards something new.

TB base is a bugger. Unlike SL and Minax, there is really only one spot to work a decent defense. The portcullis can be used against TB by some smart raiders, making a defense from behind it hard. The less intelligent raiders cry about it, too...so I say remove it. The base itself is huge, making anyone who logs out in the base much more problematic. You could log an army in there, with animals in their stables to boot, and none of the defenders would know. This goes into my final point on bases...make it so you are teleported if timed out in an enemy base. I think everyone could agree on that.

Faction crafting -

I think the bless is 3 weeks, though its been years since I've seen. I think this is suitable and should remain as is, if some bonus were to be added to crafting faction items. Keep out imbuing on them, allow some sort of mod bonus, make it consume larger amounts of silver, and have it completely destroy after 3 weeks (not just un-bless). Wicked blessed runic weapons that can be made on lower end hammers, but sink a lot of silver. Maybe. I just made that up off the top of my head.

I agree on the dyes, though that would be a rather low priority thing.

Guards -

I would like to see them beefed up a little. I have to disagree on the blue killing thing, though. As long as they go criminal and can be whacked, I am happy with it. If you aren't around to work with your guards, than you just shouldn't have them out. NPC guards should be used to help us, when we work with them and they with us...not enforce an area on their own.

Faction PvP outside of Fel -

Yes. Hell yes. Though it goes deeper than point hoarders.

Faction rank is supposed to be decided by a ratio of your points in relation to the faction average. This includes all the point hoarders in Tram. Whether the point system is fixed, reverted, or what not...as long as it relies on the holding s of the entire faction, everyone in the faction needs to be vulnerable.

Faction merchant titles are often taken someone's mule that never leaves Tram. If they never leave Tram, they wont go into stat loss and lose their merchant title (its lost when skill falls below GM).

The benefits of factions can now be enjoyed in Tram without the downsides. No bene acts...bah. As long as arties are going to Tram, so should the fight.

New factions -

I agree that the idea behind lessening the amount of factions is not a good one. It is in my experience over the many years of factions that civil war is inevitable, and often. I'd like to see SL removed, but a new faction should be included to take its place. I think 4 factions are fine, even 5, but wouldn't start pushing for more than that. Would certainly
add that excitement of "new" to it all.


Stratics Veteran
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*mild glare at Nonel*

You said nearly everything I wanted to ... bases are ok with minor fixes; do not allow log outs in bases, teleport them to a shrine; move SL or fix the "no line of sight" fielding ability; Minax base extended all the way through passage...bleh; portcullis in TB, bye bye; TB base in town/guard zone, not sure what to do to make that fair; guards...maybe they shouldn't stay "loyal" unless there is a faction member in their midst at least every (fill in the blank)_________________, and as long as blues go criminal, let them attack; give guards ability to cure ......

Faction PvP outside of fel... absolutely. If you joined a faction, you came to fel, walked up to the stone, knowingly accepted the gump to join and, imo, accepted the consequences. If players are to benefit they need to take the risk.


Grand Poobah
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Good because, I believe if faction items stay blessed, people would actually go out and buy runics again for a chance of a leet blessed weapon, thus being a new gold sink.
That isn't a gold sink. That is just taking gold from one player and giving it to another player, keeping it in the games economy.

A gold sink would be something that you buy off of an NPC and once you buy it, the gold is gone.

Lady Michelle

Sprite Full SP
Stratics Veteran
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If you join factions with merchant skills you cannot receive any faction points, even If you kill someone or have someone honoring them to you. That would be the best way to go. That right there would stop the merchants from hoarding points. Merchants would have to have something else take the place of them not being able to have points though.
But they are not the only point hoarders newly made characters are another one that are used to hoard points. New made characters who join factions are not allowed to be honored, or receive points til they have at least 4 gm skills or more to start receiving faction points.


Nice ideas.

I don't think the Minax base needs to be moved back where it was, but I do believe that the entire path and a screen out from the mountain pass needs to be "faction only".

Some other ideas:

*No houses within 2 screens of the base.

*No item usage allowed when in stat loss.

*One character per account (like it was)

*18 Hour sigil corruption time.

*20 minute sigil reset time (*MUST* be on the monolith all 20 minutes)

*Towns are never "safe" from corruption.

*Faction crafters can *temporarily* imbue item properties on crafted armor. No imbuing skill necessary, but the properties decay after 3 days.

*Eliminate faction artifacts.

*The Shadowlords base should include the *entire* Yew Crypt in which it is located.

*A sparring option should be allowed among all faction members. If you kill another member of the same faction your KP count is reduced to 0 and you are in 75% stat loss for 30 minutes. In addition to this, your faction title becomes "Traitor to the <Faction Name>" and you cannot turn it off. This title can only be changed by the Faction Commander.


Lore Keeper
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Lynk;1776121 That isn't a gold sink. That is just taking gold from one player and giving it to another player said:
We all have our blonde moments ;p

*20 minute sigil reset time (*MUST* be on the monolith all 20 minutes)/QUOTE]

Oh, I really like this idea! This would prevent thiefs running to the middle of no where to reset sigils.

Doesn't sound like many liked my crafting Idea, which they had pretty valid reasons.

The majority of faction players (Or the ones I play/played with) don't use faction armor because it's a waste when it decays, which is where the staying faction forever came in ;p.

Personally, I do craft faction clothing, since it's pretty simple to make, and all that you're losing is gray cloth, faction armor no point as it expires to soon, and you can't really craft a piece just like it very often.