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Rumors and Ramblings

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Governor Shenzin paced back and forth across the GREAT HALL in Lord British's old Castle in Britian. * I am aware of the plot to kill me and replace me, he mubbles out loud* Aware of secret meetings and whispers amongst the nobles and Governors of the realm. HAVE AT IT, * he shouts across the hall*, and there it echos through the Castle. I have ears everywhere, and King Blackthorn has my back, aye! You all can sceme and sneak about, but my faithful will uncover your work...ha ha ha, *Shenzin laughs*. Just you wait!
And, *Shenzin ponders*, and where is King Blackthorn anyway? The King hasn't been seen nor heard from nary two months now? Something is afoot. I shall look further into these things.
*pacing and mumbling*