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[RP News] Interview: Between a Rock and a Taliesin

Bryelle Vaughn

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bare feet tread lightly across the abyssal dock. Smiling to the dolphin as it flipped and twisted in the water she made her way across the boards. Cecilie was generally fashionably late for appointments. As the muses would have it, she was the early one this time. Her skirt drifted and bounced as she walked. It wasn't until she turned to gaze back down to the entrance that she realized someone was watching her. Placing a hand over her eyes to block out the midday glare, she blinked. Heavily robed, the figure whom she guessed to be Taliesin, seemed impending. That was.. until she took note of the thin arms jutting out from the sleeves. His steps were purposeful but not heavy. The air about him seemed to hum with something just beyond her tangible reach and yet the closer he got, the friendlier the smile.


“Cecilie?” He tilted his head, the corner of his mouth upturning into a crook.

If it was one that struck her immediately it was that he was a contradiction in terms. Everything he seemed to be and not at all.

“Exactly what -is- your job function?”

“I go where my Master cannot.” He laughed lightly adding a sparkle to his eyes. The expression on his face was meant to be placating.

“You mean Mr. SuperKen?” Pulling out her quill and piece of parchment she plopped down unceremoniously with her tush on the dock and her legs crossed. He stood over her, observing for a moment. Nodding slowly, he lowered himself to her level.

“My employer is easily recognized and there are many...” He paused for a moment considering his words. “Pitfalls that come with a familiar name and face. I act as an envoy.”

“And a gopher, do you not?” Turning her bright blue eyes up to his.

“I do a great many things for him. I started out as a bard.”

“As in playing music, singing, the whole bit?”
“Aye. There were many praises to give for My Lord.” A smile twitched across his face then, lighting up his somber yet playful eyes only adding to the contradiction that was Taliesin.

“I have yet to hear you sing.”

“I rarely do it these days. I have taken to playing with my wand now that the Exalted has no use for songs.”

“Is it a big wand?”

“See for yourself!”

Taliesin, true to his word, withdrew a brilliantly colored staff both bejeweled and practical. Cecilie, could certainly see why it was so favored.

“Have you had to demonstrate its use for your Lord?”

“Aye. He requires many performances. It makes up for the lack of music.”

“And what of you? This life certainly doesn't lend itself to settling down. You are not married then correct?”

“No, I'm afraid I've never found the time. Eventually his Highness will get bored with the wand and wish me to move on. But ever present is my traveling. That is my main function.”

“Yes, I've seen you at many of the political functions in his stead.”

Picking up her parchment, Cecilie rose from her seated position and thanked him for his time. “I reserve the right to ask additional questions later.”

Grinning, he tilted his head as if the invite were with wide open arms. “I look forward to it.”