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[RP News] Conversations with a War Wizard

Bryelle Vaughn

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

"I love your castle."

"I have a great decorator."

"She must charge by the hour."

"Sometimes it feels more like by the minute."

Polite and dressed from head to toe in midnight black with only the smallest hints of deep orange showing, he motioned to the elven loveseat to his left. Sliding herself unceremoniously onto it, Cecilie pulled up her knees so that she was cross legged and quickly withdrew her quill and journal.

"You are -THE- Sid Vicious, are you not?"


"Exactly, what -do- you do here?"

Motioning, her arm flipping wildly into the air she gestured to carefully adorned walls around her.

"I am the Highest Ranking Wizard in Dawn." His voice tingled with a sense of pride though his tone was just loud enough for her to hear. It was easy to see that he didn't need to raise his tone for his point to come across no matter what the topic.

"Exactly what does that mean?"

Laughter rich and low echoed in the library. "It means that I am the Royal Wizard to the Crown. I've sworn to protect it."

Her quill furiously scribbling across the page. "How long have you had this job?"

He stroked his beard in a downward angle, a sigh blowing soft out of his mouth. "A long long time."

Well that certainly narrows it down, she thought.

"So that means you are to protect the Duchess because there is no one to wear the crown?"

"The Duchess is more of a Magistrate. So no. However, people are always trying for the crown and it must be protected. As head of the War Wizards, I do."

"War Wizard?" Furrowing her brow

"Protectors. We follow a hierarchy. Wits, Loyalty, and Experience."

"Do you have Daily tasks?"

He contemplated this for a moment, returning to stroking his beard.

"Keep an ear to the ground, watch and listen."

In an effort to see how good he was listening to the afore mentioned ground, Cecilie stuck her foot down, stomping roughly. She watched as a smile spread across his face.

"I typically don't worry about the citizens themselves. Just others." He paused then as a wad of spit ejected from his mouth in a volatile fashion, landing on the paw of the dark brown bear rug. "Like Casca. He tried to take the crown. And we would not have it."

Her quill stopped for a moment, having captured the essence of the spit flinging conversation.

"Are you married? You have kids?"

A mix of stun and shock adorned his eyes, which were relatively all that could bee seen behind the facial armor.

"No Time."

Shaking her head and letting out a low whistle, Cecilie continued. Between the discussion of some old guy named Humbolt and a set of kidney stones, she was invited back. Reaching up on her tip toes she placed a kiss on the side of his mempo and quietly exited.

War Wizards really needed to have more fun.