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This page is adapted from EM Benu’s Atlantic Primer for the Conseil du Roi.

1: The role of Governor is an In-Character position. That means if you are a governor, you are expected to roleplay the position and act as you would if your character were governor.

Citizens attending a meeting are also asked to remain in character as well.

The King will never, ever, ever break character. What this means is, anything you say to the King is said to the King, and the King will answer, act and respond as King Blackthorn would, and should. If you say something to the King out of character (OOC), at best the King will ignore you.

When you address the King, you are talking to the King, you are not addressing your shard’s EM.

2: Governors serve at the pleasure of the King. If you cannot stay in character, constantly cause disruptions, or fail to do your duty as governor the King has the ability to replace you.

3: The purpose of the Council is not to decorate the towns or place trash cans at the banks*. The King is not an interior decorator, nor is he a gardener, or a trash collector.

Governors may submit two large-scale requests per term to be considered by the King and his advisers. If your request is denied it will not count against you. However, failure to meet any stated requirements may result in forfeiture of the request.

All requests must have a roleplay function that benefits the whole community. It is strongly suggested that you structure one or more events around the request.

If you are a Governor and are running a plot-line, shard wide event or something similar, you should contact PEC Raine at least two weeks in advance of your event at [email protected] for gates, temporary decoration and mob creation.

4: If you are called upon by the King to speak, please keep your remarks somewhat brief.

5: Trade deals, and how towns are governed are the business of the governor and the townspeople. The King will not dictate a city’s trade deal.

6: The Flow of the meetings:

  • The King welcomes attending governors and citizens, calls the meeting to order and notes any prearranged absences.
  • The King may address notable Sosarian events or matters of security.
  • Each governor is invited to give a status report for their town.
  • The King will respond to events and issues raised by the governors.
  • Any foreign dignitaries or kingdom officials may address the Council.
  • Citizens may address the Council.
  • Adjournment.

7: All Towns are equal in the eyes of the King. There is no city that the King holds above another.

8: The Council is a way for you as a player to interact with the fiction, storylines and the community of Lake Superior in a healthy and productive way. It is not a venue to discuss bugs, gameplay issues or air grievances with UO.

*If your town’s bank needs a trashcan, email Mesanna directly

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