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NEWS Royal Audience


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Royal Audience
The King summoned his governors and citizens to the castle to give his decisions on the requests from the last council meeting.
King Blackthorns speech:
" Good evening my Governors!
It's good to see so many of you!
Please listen to my decisions!
By order of me, Lord Blackthorn, King of Britannia, All taxes applicable to the city treasury are hereby abolished, The royal heralds have been authorized to begin accepting donations to the city.
Governors may access those donations by utilizing the city stones.
The royal heralds have been authorized to hang a bulletin board at their stations for the purpose of communicating amongst the citizenry!
The royal heralds have been authorized to monitor ballot questions as posed by the governor, governors may access this by utilizing the city stones.
The royal architects have been authorized to draw up plans for an office of the governor within the limits of each city , and, the royal builders are hereby ordered to execute such plans.
The governors who requested an office have to supply the materials!
That means they have to donate the following resources!
5000 boards, 250 sand, 100 granite and 100 ingots.
After these are donated the architects of the crown will build a house for the governor!
These resources have to been dropped off in the mailbox of your Event Manager!
Please put deeds in an extra bag together with a book, in this book needs to be the name of the city and the governor.
Make sure to seal the book, before you drop off the bag!
All other requests are denied, for now!
Furthermore, me Lord Blackthorn and King of Britannia, has the desired to accept one request for each town and governor per meeting!
I suggest you to choose wisely your next request.
If any of my governors have to say something or wants to make a SINGLE request, please step forward now, and tell me what your desire is!"
After the king announcements each governor gave the King one desire for their towns.
He will think about all of their ideas and give let them know of his decision shortly.
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