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Rhymes of Spring - a Poetry Contest

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Stratics Veteran
"Where bees are buzzing in the sun and flowers grow and bloom, you know that Spring has come again with Easter to follow soon."

It is springtime in Albion!

And while the wildlife outside is starting to wake from their slumber, the Albion Community never really rests.

To celebrate this year's Rites of Spring, we would love to see your creative minds at work again!

  • Write a Poem around the topic "Springtime in Albion" (You don't need to use those words though)
  • The Poem can have any length or style
  • Submit your poem in this thread before 22UTC on Wednesday, April 18.

  • No offensive content
  • This competition is only for regular players, if you are a moderator, content creator, SBI Staff or otherwise directly affiliated with SBI you can still submit entries for fun but will be excluded from the contest
  • 1. Place: 1 vanity set of your choosing from the cash shop & 1 month of premium
  • 2. Place: 1 vanity mount of your choosing from the cash shop & 1 month of premium
  • 3. Place: 1 month of premium

The winners will be selected by our community team, based on presentation, entertainment factor, and overall quality.

We're looking forward to seeing your entries and best of luck to all participants!

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